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How can you know if you're getting spiritually attacked or if it's just life? It seems like everything has turned upside down since I woke up. If it is an attack do you think it's because I've been trying to make tracts again? This song describes how life is right now 

The thing is I'm in so much pain [by pain I mean more than just physically being sick] right now it's even harder than usual to tell Him what's going on. He knows my heart though, which is such a blessing. He knows I feel like crying and just want to rest in His arms. How can I know if [that is if it is an attack] it is because of the tracts? I really would like to know because that is an encourgement to me, it shows the tracts are working for the Kingdom of God and Satan isn't to happy about it.

You know what it feels like? My mind isn't even as focused on being sick as it was it was a little while ago. That part has been numbed. I just want to be held by Jesus and cry while being craddled in His arms.

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Comment by feet breath on March 20, 2013 at 7:24pm

Thank you brother.

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