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Joseph Leland Neville, I'm 100%ly in love with you every time i time talk to you i get butterflies and i feel safe! he's so sweet and he understands me we click! we first met at the Glasgow City Pool i don't know the exact day but that doesn't count anyway we were in the food line and my best friend becca says "will you go out with her?" and he says "no, sorry i have a girlfriend." so we decided to go over there and sit by him and we talk we asked him what school he goes to and he said barren county middle school and then when the whistle whistled we went over to the diving board and we asked him his name and he said "joseph" and then he gave me the whistle blew again and we sat down and asked him for his number and of course he told us. and then we had to leave and he hugged taylor and becca and then i said wanna hug and of course i was kinda nervous and then he just came up to me and hugged me! It was so AWESOME! and then after that my friend becca was like well i have an earlier birthday present for you it's from a barren county store. one day when me and becca and becca were at my house becca told me to go down stairs and then she told me to come back up and becca handed me the phone and joseph said "do u wanna go out?" and i said "yes!" so that day we started dating on june 16, 2009 10:12p.m i was so happy and I'm still am! but i didn't even know that becca and joseph were talking and joseph was saying to becca that i was really pretty and sweet and that he liked me but didn't know if he was gonna date me there's sooo much more i could say about him! but all i know is i will marry him one day!!! i love baby forever and always!!

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