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Last year I was very angry and depressed. I lost a friend last year on the 4th of July. I was so depressed and I was not sure how things would turn out for me. I lost a good friend to cancer. I was upset because I had lost others to cancer. I had lost an aunt to cancer as well 3 years ago. I was not sure where to turn in my own family. I was in a bad spot in my life. I was not sure if God could keep hearing my cries out to him. I am now with a man who understands that life gets hard sometimes. I know that he is a single father but he loves me just the way I am. This is by the blessings from God. I am slowly learning how to be happy about things that happen in my life and God has a plan for me in life. I am growing each day in my faith in God. I know that sometimes some people tell me that I am crazy for loving God. I know that everything happens for a reason and I still stay the reason my boyfriend and I work so well is we both love each other. I never had someone to tell me that they love me every single day.

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