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Homeland Security to Use "8 Days" Movie in America's High Schools

I just learned this morning that Jake (my husband) and I will have the honor of working on the crew of "8 Days" - The movie written through the eyes of an actual sex trafficking victim and inspired by actual events.

This past Thursday Homeland Security visited our studios to train the actors and crew for the shoot coming up.  Filming begins on Monday.  We were excited to learn that this film will now be shown in high schools across the nation as their training tool to teach the dangers of sex trafficking in America.  

Pictured on the left is Jaco Booyens, the Director of  "8 Days" and his wife, Philipa, who wrote the screen play.  (I am also helping with the editing of the script and continuity in the film.)

Now this is really cool ... look what they arrived in at the studio!

Be sure to watch the trailer at  

The title song was written and sung by two nineteen year olds from the Dallas, Texas area where the movie is being filmed at various locations.

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Comment by Todd Robert Princl on July 28, 2013 at 4:34am

Been hearing a lot about the stats of sex-trafficking out of Mexico. The numbers are staggering!! Really lets you know how troubled a world we live in. God is on His way to save the day though. This movie is a good thing!!

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