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Dearest Lord Jesus,
I wish to thank you for saving my soul from eternal damnation; thank you for coming into my life...
For now, you LIVE IN MY HEART!

Though it was only 9 short months ago it feels like it was just yesterday, that I heard the voice of The Holy Spirit for the very first time. It was sweeter to my soul than chocolate is to the tongue. You delivered me from cocaine...from lifelong depression and generational sin...from a failing marriage...a broken family...anger and un-forgiveness. You healed the deep scars that kept me in bondage to the enemy. You freed me from demonization, that bleak, yet glorious day in March...That day, March 7, 2009, I, my husband and youngest son, will NEVER FORGET...starting out in complete captivity, and ending with FREEDOM IN CHRIST JESUS.

Oh THANK YOU FOR DIEING ON THE CROSS JESUS...THANK YOU for the worlds salvation...for MY salvation!! I will forever honor the 7th of March until my last day on this earth; I will forever praise you with my mouth until I take my last breath. For when that time comes, I WILL NOT FEAR, BECAUSE MY GOD IS WITH ME; and I know that my soul will be departing from earth, to be with my glorious Father in Heaven. How blessed the day will be when I will finally see your face, and bow at your feet. To kiss the hands that held and protected me every day and every night whenever I asked...and even when I didn't. To hear your voice; to HUG kiss your cheek...Oh Father I long for that day.

Until then, I say good-bye to 2009, and all the ugliness that it held. My old life; my old self; a life that is forever dead...washed away by the BLOOD OF THE COVENANT. I continue with my new life dressed in white, and face 2010 with peace from our Holy God.

PRAISES TO THE KING OF KINGS...I ADORE you my loving Father. Thank you for all your forgiveness, undeserved grace and love, you have bestowed and continue to bestow, on me and my family.

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