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As someone who has gone thru many struggles in life, oftentimes longing for the end of a certain situation that I was experiencing at the moment, I can say of a surety that "God... will bring you thru. "

It may not be the way you want, or expect, but, when we come to him, we have to learn how to trust him, even when there appears no way out of our situation. He is working in the background, and of that, we can be sure.

He loves us with a love that is stronger than death, and his word declares that "NOTHING CAN SEPERATE US FROM HIS LOVE." His word is true, and it works. His spirit is true, and it works as well, in our hearts and lives, and in our circumstances. It is our job to trust, believe and obey.

Talk to him , as if he is your best friend, because he is. Truly. Amazingly, and always. "He will never leave us nor forsake us, and is with us, even unto death. "

He can and will support you in any situation that you find yourself, whether good or bad. He is never out of control, and he has the entire universe at his disposal.

When he created us, he said... "It is good.... "

Sin and disobedience entered, and things began to go wrong. He has been working ever since to bring us back to that place of trust, and obedience to his will, his way, his word, and his spirit.

The more we resist, the longer it takes. He is on our side, he cares about what we are going thru. He has a plan for our deliverance. It is not a magic plan, that works when one snaps their fingers, it is a plan for our complete salvation, he is concerned about the condition of our souls, and how we relate to each other, and the world around us.

He has designed us to be his witness, to an unbelieving world, and everything that we say or do, has an impact upon that world. Whether we are dealing with our family, or our neighbors, or the cashier in the food store, we are making an impact daily, whether good or bad. The choise is always up to us.

Many of us have come from very unsteady backgrounds, we have not been blessed with stable environments, with loving, nurturing parents, and life partners. This creates within us and unstability, that is harder to overcome, but, not impossible.

When we come to God, we have come to the best parent in the world, one who loves us unconditionally, and always has our best interest at heart. However, because he loves us it is not his will that we remain the same. He is constantly working to change and transform the way we think and operate in this fallen world. It is his desire to make us overcomers, and victorious in all circumstances.

He can and will do this, but, he needs our cooperation. He needs us to read his word, so tath he can talk to us from it, he uses it, to help transform us, into the person he intends for us to be. He can and does speak to us thru circumstances as well, and many other ways, but, he will never go against his word. It is his standard, and by reading it, we can come to know who he is.

Many times we will fall on our faces, but, he is always there to pick us up, and dust us off, and set us back on the right path. We must continue to look toward him. If we take our eyes off of him, we begin to fall, just like Peter did, when he was walking on water. It amazed him so much that he could do this..... but, when he looked at it from a human persepective, one that says, what he was doing was impossible... he started going down, because he was no longer in the supernatural, but, back into the natural, with its laws of gravity that he was defying. There is a huge lesson to be learned from this story. Read it over and over again, until it sinks deep into your spirit, giving you the strength that you need to walk on the waters of your life. Training your thoughts and mind to remain steadfast upon the Master, on his word, and in his spirit.

He wants each of us to become "Water Walkers...."

I love you and God loves you more!!!!!! Be blessed in Him. Gayla Stahl

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