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Jesus, Is an all time God. What a privilage that God sent His Son to die a cruel and horriable death on the Cross, so we could live. We are tired on every thing we ever believed in, and satan is doing his best to destroy the very elect. It makes me so mad when people try and say there is no God. Well, who made the earth, and the whole creation? Was it monkeys or who? It plainly tells you in the Book os Genesis all about how the earth and we were created. Do you think you would be a live today if God didn't allow it? No, you would meet the death angel. I am so thankful that God let me live to see another day. I thank God for His Mericies and His Grace. God is the only person who lets you live to see another day. He needs your praises and your thankfulness, your total being should be focused on the Father The Son and let The Holy Spirit lead you all three are The Holy Trinity. People needs God today more than ever our world is a lot more wicked today than its ever been. God destroyed Sodom and Gormorrow Because of sin. He can destroy us just as easy. Abortison homosexually adultry and any type of sin God despises. How are you going to feel on Judgement Day when you meet God the Father and He looks in the Book of Life and can't find your mane and you go strait to Hell forever? Hell is a place of eternal torment 24 hours a day seven days a week. God dosen't wnt to send anyone to hell, He wants you to accept Him and become His child, by getting saved and giving your all to Him. Satan tells you its okay to sin and have a great time, but , do you know satan believes in God and he is terrified of Him. When he gets bound up and can't decieve you any more, we will get to live in peace for a thousand years, and then God will let him loose for a season, and then satan is going to try and destroy God and satan WILL BE DEFEATED, and cast into the lake of fire for eternity. God is waiting for you to reach out your hand and trust Him. God Bless You and remeber me and God Loves You. Amen Sweet Jesus

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