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on a day when everything could have been so different I am blessed to say I stand strong and determined to make my dreams come true. My 21st birthday is on a sunday. that means something to me. That means on the day the rest of the world is our getting drunk celebrating being so called legal I want to spend it dedicating my life to lord apoligizing for my sins and moving on from my past. This is a day That the lord deserves. My way of saying thank you for not giving up on me. while i continue to try and keep living life in general in the proper manor I still have some very big things to work through but mostly myself. When i was a child my father told me the biggest obsticle i would ever face would be myself and he was right. Everything bad that hs ever happened to me i played some role in which to me says im not living right and i am not paying attention. I am a child of god and going on three weeks saved never felt better. I worship and awesome god! and appreciate him so much. Without him im nothing so i cant wait to see what i can do with him

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