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In preaching the gospel, the apostle sought to bring persons to the obedience, not of men, but of God. But Paul would not attempt to alter the doctrine of Christ, either to gain their favour, or to avoid their fury. In so important a matter we must not fear the frowns of men, nor seek their favour, by using words of men's wisdom. Concerning the manner wherein he received the gospel, he had it by revelation from Heaven. He was not led to Christianity, as many are, merely by education.

From the  design of his ministry, which was not to persuade men, but God,etc. The meaning of this may be either that in his preaching the gospel he did not act in obedience to men, but God, who had called him to this work and office; or that his aim therein was to bring all people to the obedience, not of men, but of God. As he professed to act by a commission from God; so that which he chiefly aimed at was to promote his glory, by recovering sinners into a state of subjection to him. this was the great end he was pursuing,

he did not seek to please men. He did not, in his doctrine, accommodate himself to the humours of persons, either to gain their affection or to avoid their resentment; but his great care was to approve himself to God. The judaizing teachers, by whom these churches were corrupted, had discovered a very different temper; they mixed works with faith, and the law with the gospel, only to please the Jews, whom they were willing to court and keep in with, that they might escape persecution. But Paul was a man of another spirit; he was not so solicitous to please them, nor to mitigate their rage against him, as to alter the doctrine of Christ either to gain their favour or to avoid their fury. And he gives this very good reason for it, that, if he yet pleased men, he would not be the servant of Christ. These he knew were utterly inconsistent, and that no man could serve two such masters; and therefore, though he would not needlessly displease any, yet he dared not allow himself to gratify men at the expense of his faithfulness to Christ. Gal 1:11 Gal 1:12

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Comment by Christopher Kendall on March 30, 2012 at 9:05pm
Amen His reladtionship with God was so uncondititional there are no boundaries he showed to God and men
Comment by Lina on March 29, 2012 at 10:34am

When I think of Paul and His relationship with God, I see the love God has for mankind.  He loves us in spite of our weaknesses; unconditional love.  I know that the Lord can use me if He so desires.  I need not be an angel, His love knows no boundaries.  The apostle Paul showed his appreciation for God's love for him by devoting the rest of his life to promote His glory.  He led an examplary life after his conversion, and died a good soldier who fought the good fight. He was willing to suffer for Him.  Though he was persecuted, he held onto the faith till the end, praise God.  How many of us can serve the Lord, the way Paul did? If we let Christ into our lives and make Him our strength, we can do all things! Let's look up to God for strength in all that we do in bringing non-believers closer to Him like paul did.

Thanks for sharing and God bless you!

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