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I have struggled to post any updates for almost a year. I thought in decency, finally to update as some people were willing to add my situations in prayer and others offered kind words. I am grateful and appreciative.

As an update I was the supposed non believer and the spouse was the Christian and her son was the supposedly pastor in training and on the praise leader team. Their Church ( inclusive of the Pastor that performed the wedding) as well as the associate pastor gave myself the time and courtesy to hear me out and offered the opinion that any scriptural or marriage violations were never sought or committed as to myself . I am thankful for their words and patience. Surely anyone could question why I took the time to join a site such as this as I must be of some probable sin that led to a marriage collapse. I suppose I needed an outlet, a voice that was struggling with unanswered prayers month after month. As any faithful will know God will be left to judge in the end.

I have to accept that I will be divorced by a Christian, that somehow enjoys church status and is a regular attendee. I will always have to question how cheaters, liars and adulterers can attend services yet commit the opposite of Christ's teachings and delude themselves as to their righteousness.

I quite understand I am not the first person to allay these thoughts, but I think it very important for others to have the realization that truth is very different than behavior in all you may meet. In probability another will come here with a similar situation and they too will need a cushion of guidance which the body of the forum can help.

Thank you all and any. I have accepted as delivered and moved on. Things seemed very desperate for quite a while and i had great anguish. My message is never give up, and I did read the bible like a man possessed looking for an answer and what will be found is God/Jesus may not come to the rescue but will help whatever seems impossible into a renewal as to his will.


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