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Happy New Year!   Almost!

December 31st. . . Before you say ‘good bye’ to 2020
There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under Heaven~
~a time to plant, 
~and a time to uproot  
~a time to tear down
~and a time to build                                                       ~a time to scatter stones
~and a time to gather them                                    ~a time to keep
~and a time to throw away                                                     
~a time to be silent, and a time to speak.  Ecclesiastes 3
How eloquent are the words of the philosophical writer of Ecclesiastes!
Today, the last day of this year, brings an opportunity for each of us-- "a season to", "a time to" consider… Before we slam the door on this strange year we have had, could we take a few minutes to consider 2020? Come on, before thinking of where you would like to go in 2021, look back over your shoulder at this last year.
What were the highlights, the joys for you?________________________
I know that so many folks are thinking ‘highlights’--seriously?  But each of us had some good things sprinkled in with the difficulties . . . we did. [In case you missed my blessing and difficulty, my huge miracle, please click to read or listen:]
Count your blessings, Friend~___________________________________________
Look around you even now--what are your blessings?________________________
How about the struggles, the trials?______________________________
'that which caused great pain or loss?____________________________
How did you grow in 2020, what new things did you learn? (might be related to the struggles you faced related to the Pandemic)________________________
'Opportunities you missed, wish you had back?______________________
'New relationships that have formed this year?______________________
Now, look back at the Ecclesiastes 3 verses--are there things you need to 'uproot'? things you need to "throw away"?_________________________
Are there things that have begun that you would like to build on?_____________
There is so much value in considering where we've been, and what we have experienced, before forging into a new season.  Most years, I have just let the ball drop, without any looking back at all--oh, sure, sometimes I’ve been glad to see the end of a calendar year, but never took stock as to highs AND lows, trials AND blessings, thanking God for how he sustained me, in spite of it all. So, I'm going to print this out for myself, and take a little time to reflect.  I pray that you just might do the same!
May God richly bless you in this New Year, Friends!

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