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I have shared things from my past, throwing rocks and fits.  Turning my back and things like that.
But, the sum total for all those things comes down to this.  If I were to walk away, where would I go ?
Do I think, His Love for me is false ?  Or in some way, I could change His Love ?  I wonder if we believe
that if we fight, kick and scream, He will help us quicker ?  If somehow He can be stronger or make a special
exception just "us."  We give our hearts to Jesus, we promise to serve, then things get hard we think His back is turned or something.  We make choices we go one way, the domino's fall, we go another more domino's.  We live in cause and effect.  No matter what is going on we must Trust Him.  We can see all the things Jesus went through
"My God, My God why have You forsaken Me?  He knows how we feel.  Just like those domino's we have to deal w/ things we have chosen, deal w/ what they have caused or created.  I look back at all I have done, right wrong good and bad.  The best thing we can do is to Trust Him.  Reach out to others, pray and stand w/ faith.  His Grace is given, it does not mean we will not have to deal w/ our choices, just that we are not going through them w/o Him.  He will give us strength and wisdom, we must chose to hear, recieve and obey.

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