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It is Christmas time again... time for spending time with family and friends and rejoice for a Son was born, we are celebrating our Jesus's birth!
Some people are full of smiles, some are on holiday, some expect great gifts, some enjoy just the season of Christmas.... but to some.....
it is a time when they are all alone, dont even have a dime to spend, are mourning the loss of a loved one, are hungry and cold, no one to love and care for them....
Let take time to think, pray and try to help one person with a heavy load, and remember JEsus came for us all

Never loose the Spirit of Christmas, cherish your loved ones, take time to remind yourself about a King coming to earth so we all could be saved!
Let is be Christmas in your heart throughout your whole life

Let s be like children this Christmas and believe in the wonderful Savior with childlike faith

Merry Christmas to you all !!

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