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Charlie Daniels ... Theologian?

Having talked about how biblical prophecy is one of the proofs for the veracity of Scripture in What Matters Most #Two, I thought to send this piece by Southern rocker, Charlie Daniels.  Interesting.
"I am a big fan of Bible prophecy and now is a fascinating time to be alive because some of the major Old Testament Prophecies have been fulfilled in my lifetime.
One of the huge prophecies was fulfilled on May 14, 1948 when the State of Israel was born, or I should say reborn, in a single day by a vote in the United Nations declaring the existence of the state of Israel and Jews from around the world began flocking to this small, barren sliver of land that would be contested and at war from its inception.
God's ancient promise to Abraham, the father of the Jewish nation, that "He who blesses you I will bless and he who curses you I will curse" has been in evidence since day one as Israel defeated enemy after enemy who were far more numerous and better equipped than they were.
And God's promise that the desert would bloom is very much in evidence today as the waste water from Tel Aviv is recycled and pumped south to the Negev and indeed causes the desert to bloom.
The armies of Israel, despite the primitive nature of the small number of weapons they had to defend themselves with in the early days, have never lost a war though they have been in an almost constant state of conflict for almost 70 years.
When you go to Israel what strikes you, or at least what struck me, is how very small the country is and then you understand why the Jews are so opposed to giving up an inch of it.
When we hear about the quest for a Palestinian homeland we could get the opinion from some of the more liberal media, that Israel is preventing its creation while the actual truth is that there are millions of acres in that part of the world for a Palestinian homeland but the Palestinians and other Middle Eastern countries don't want that, they want Israel, especially Jerusalem.
But the kicker is that Israel isn't going nowhere and isn't giving up another inch of land, the fact being that they don't even occupy all the land in the original deed, the one with the boundaries set by Almighty God Himself.
Israel is definitely a land of contradictions with ultra-modern shopping malls next to the ancient walls of Jerusalem, some of the holiest Hebrew Holy sites under Muslim control and Jews and Palestinians living together in the most contentious city on earth.
There is still much Bible prophecy left to be fulfilled, most of it dealing with Israel and the Jewish people and most especially Jerusalem, which will be a point of contention in the very last battle of the age, when the armies of the world will gather on the giant flat plain below the city of Megiddo in the region of Mount Carmel for the final push to totally annihilate Israel once and for all." class="CToWUd a6T" tabindex="0" />

According the infallible word of the Living God, He, in His awesome anger will fight for His chosen people leaving 85% or so of the enemy troops dead in the Jezreel Valley, the plains of Armageddon.  Blood will flow as high as a horse's bridle as an army of two hundred million are divinely caused to fight among themselves leaving but one sixth of them alive to go home and tell the story of what the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob wrought.
That will be a day like no other in human history as God winds down his dealings with the race He created.  Many more catastrophic events will take place around the world that day as God deals with "those dwelling carelessly in the Isles"
Jesus Christ will set up His Kingdom on this earth and Jerusalem, in tiny little Israel, will be the Capitol of the world.
Don't know when, but it's gonna happen, and if I understand the signs at all it could be a lot sooner than later.
What do you think?
Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.
God Bless America"
Wow!  Who knew?  Mr. Daniels references quite a bit of prophecy that has been fulfilled regarding the nation of Israel, and more yet to be fulfilled.  Look up Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39, do some research . . . what do you think?

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