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I'm not on love, but on the reluctantcy to show it with deeds.

Once I noticed few buttoms to invite "friends" I wondered: "If I have found a safe and clean place, won't I tell my friends to pay "me" a visit".

How would THEY know about God if they 're watching movies elwhere?

Well, I don't have friends online and the few I actually have do not read English well, so I don't have folks to tell the good news of AAG...

If I really had friends online, I would like to Ask a buttom to invite ppl on FB, instagram and at all those sites visites by those who need the information contained at this NET, ready to help ppl to be familiar with "all about God"

I checked this site in "Alexa" and she told me AAG has something to share or give... If this was a cold churchy place, I wouldn't have found what THEY said with a single click on...

Will any of you invite (any of your friends) to help this site grow and awake from being somewhat sleepy?

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Comment by Carla on September 12, 2019 at 9:41am

Hi Hermitic;

It's wonderful that you want to see more activity on this site.  I would love to see that as well.

We used to be very active when it started up over 10 years ago.  

We have new members joining daily, but I think many of them are coming to read, but not post anything new.

Please continue reaching out.  I would love to see it as active as it was when it started up all those years ago.

Blessings, Carla

AAG NET Admin/Moderator

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