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A big praise report and something happened today at Lowes

Ok,I got my gospel tracts in the mail today.

I gave dad one with an eagle on it [he loves eagles] and mom was given a Halloween gospel tract [she loves Halloween]. And today just happens to be her birthday. I don't know if dad could read the writing on the back despite he turned it to the back. I know the writing was really small for mom to see. Praise the Lord though because they like them and want to elaminate them so they can keep them and that they don't tear. I know He will help them to be able to see it when He thinks it's best.

I told them that they were bookmarkers [they are the million dollar tracts so they can be used for bookmarkers]. I couldn't say they were tracts because if they found out I have a lot of tracts and place them in restrooms [a lot came today. Some million dollar tracts and a lot of regular tract cards] I'd probably get asked "You're not giving those away,are you?" If they found out I place them in restrooms I may not be allowed to because they'd probably think I'd get into trouble and they may think it "cost" too much. My poor parents are lost in their sins and probably wouldn't understand how essential it is to get tracts out. There's a possibility they may say it'd be ok but I couldn't take the chance.

Also,I got my shirt today. It says "Faithbook. Jesus wants to put you in His book. Do you accept?" I wore it to Lowes today. As I was walking around a guy walked passed me. As soon as he did I heard "No" come from him. :-(

Praise God the tracts came today! Nothing is a coinsedence with God. They came earlier then I expected. They came just in time because we're supposed to leave early tomorrow to go to the mall [wouldn't have been enough time for them to come tomorrow and I would still get to take some with me]. And I wouldn't have had enough homemade ones to take with me tomorrow [only have two left since one was put in the Lowes restroom today]. They want to go to a Halloween store and atleast a few other places. I really hope I can sneak a Halloween gospel tract in the store. They don't have a restroom but I know God can still make a way where there is no way. Someone in that store tomorrow needs the gospel. We were suppose to go the first but dad says we're going tomorrow. Nothing is impossible with God,I know He can make a way for a gospel tract to be placed where someone can find it tomorrow.

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Comment by feet breath on August 26, 2013 at 7:13pm

Thank you,Amanda. :)

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