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I am always intrigued about books that are listed as best-sellers and I usually look out for what makes them a bestselling piece. A best seller ia popular product; especially a book, which many people buy 1. Said in other words, it is a popular book consistently selling in significantly large numbers over a specified period of time. 

A best seller arguably is often times a great and fantastic story and most likely by a prolific and very gifted writer. I am certain the combination of the contents of the book and past works of the writer makes such a book widely sought after. From experience, writing a book entails thorough editing of the manuscript, editing and re editing such that as much as possible, one eliminates  all its blemishes and blunders ranging from the little ones such as  punctuation and spelling to fundamental issues such as the  structure and lay out and many other shortcomings and faults. This fine polishing makes it perfect and sought after.

The life of every human being on earth is a potential bestselling story. Why? In Psalm 139, David reveals to us that for everyone, there is a book written. 14 Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvellous—how well I know it.15 You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion,as I was woven together in the dark of the womb.16 You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed (Psalm 139; Message Version). When Jesus came too, He re-iterated that fact and He was quoted in the book of Hebrews 10:7  as saying "Then I said, ‘Behold, I have come—In the volume of the book it is written of Me—To do Your will, O God. ”


So we know there is a book about us and God is the author of our life story. Believe you me, whatever God writes is an eternal bestseller. We can see from the Bible, beautiful stories of people who were brought from obscurity to the palace; people who started from nothing to becoming somebody: many stories with great endings in spite of the rough patches along the way. There are beautiful love stories , successful career endings and vindication of the oppressed to say the least. The Author of these Bestsellers is the one who was never created and who cannot be killed; knowing the end from the beginning, the Author of wisdom and life, who never makes mistakes. He has existed from ages past and He knows every trend even before they exist; till eternity. Before any one is created, his destiny is mapped out already and God positions in his ways all he needs for accomplishment.  I have often wondered how I came across certain people in life and without any iota of doubt; it could only have been God. I marvel at how He orchestrates such contacts.


Our lives may be like a puzzle; with a lot of pieces that you have to fit together. God already has seen the big picture and He knows how they fit, even when you don’t understand some things yourself. Joseph was given a dream, an enviable one; a great future stared at him. His brothers bowed before him in his dream but circumstances of his life for thirteen (13) years showed otherwise in reality. He was facing one challenge after the other, but destiny had greatness in stock for him and it had been written that He would become the Prime Minister .Only one person could have stopped him from fulfilling the dream. He could have decided not to play his part well. What if he had slept with Potiphar’s wife? Would he have functioned in his office with a good conscience and without being blackmailed? Maybe Potiphar’s wife would have sent loads of messages to him asking that they continued their illicit affair or else she’ll burst the bubble. He knew there was a great future and in spite of what He was going through, it would only be a matter of time.


If there was no book written, how would the angel have spelt out Samson’s assignment so accurately to his parents, listing the should-be dos’ and don’ts of a baby who had not been born or conceived at all?  If there was no book written, why would God have told Abraham that in him shall all the nations of the earth be blessed when he didn't even have a child yet? The angel told Mary about what she should expect to see about the life of the Messiah she conceived. The angel also told Zechariah all he needed to know about John’s life and one common factor for all of these people was that the devil went after them. Needless to say that the enemy comes with his antics to thwart the good plans God has for each individual and if one is not careful, one may fall prey to these pranks, most times, a lot of people pass through the world allowing themselves to be drowned by circumstances; such as is common to men.


Have you ever seen a character in the bible that didn't have his/her share of victimization, struggle and great distress in some cases? Moses’ life was threatened when he was born, just like Jesus. The same decree went out concerning them that all boys aged two (2) and under be killed. The devil had an idea of that story God had written about them and he was out to stop it. He came to Jesus to distract and tempt him but the Saviour didn't accede to his offers. Just as he comes to us daily with all forms of “juicy” proposals because he wants to distract us or stop us all the same as we act out the story written about us. The truth is God created us in His very image and He put us in the world to be fruitful and dominate. We carry the genes of the Most High and what makes Him God resides in us. That singular breath into Adam’s nostrils opened him into a world of endless possibilities and unlimited opportunities. We have a better covenant through Christ and by Faith we can become all He wants us to be. 


God has written a beautiful story about you before He sent into this world and He has made available all the resources you need to attain your purpose: the relationships, the resources, the right placements and every single thing you need. It is up to you by His grace to act your own part out. He has given you the power of choice as well. Irrespective of the tactics of Satan and the roaring circumstances around you, the fact remains that the story of your life is a bestseller because He made it so.


 People read your life as you act His scripts out on a daily basis and they can only marvel and thank God for sending you this way. Long after you would be gone; your story remains one that will be read from generation to generation: always as a best seller!


God bless you!.

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