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well friends, i got a job! i start tuesday at a local starbucks. ive worked for starbucks in the past and really enjoyed it. back then it was a job that contriubted to our house payments and other bills. it caused me a lot of stress and made work not that much fun. i know, it work, not happy fun time. this time its different. my husband has a really good paying job and the money i make will go into a savings account. this is going to sound strange, but i had a dream 2 nights ago that i would get this job. i went in the next morning and applied. i was afraid that i wouldnt get the job because i left without proper notice when i was employeed there the first time. sam (my husband) and i prayed and left it up to God. i know that he is in charge of my life and if i just trust him he will show me the way. God is awesome!!! if any of you are ever in the neighborhood, stop by the starbucks at east flamingo and eastern in las vegas.

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