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Does anyone else ever question why we live in this time? In all the epochs of time that God has ordained for us to live, why now? I've wondered whether I could live long ago, maybe when Jesus lived and changed the course of history, or when Solomon ruled Israel, or even when America was founded. I honestly don't think so, heck, I can hardly survive without air conditioning.

What does God have in store for this generation of believers, what is our calling in this present darkness? Our challenge may be unique in all of history, so much of everything is out there, and it demands our time. People invented all these great modern conveniances supposedly to free us up, instead we have become slaves to these very things. This electronic, televised, media saturated world takes the place of our devotional prayer and study time with our Creator.

I am guilty of falling into this trap. I tell myself that I will get up earlier and study His Word, but do I? No. So I tell myself that I will study after work. Do I? No. That is the challenge of our generation, or at least me. A time to work, a time to rest, and a time to unplug and soak in His Word. One devotion time I really miss since moving to Vegas is time spent outside at night looking at his glorious handiwork. Too many lights and smog here to stargaze...sigh...Does anyone else feel the same as I, or do I need a padded cell somewhere?

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