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God knows what we need long before we do

God knows what and who we need long before we ever know that we need what we need. take my husband for instance. i can remember being a teenager and the first boyfriend i ever had. i remember the break up and how hard it was to get over. i remember crying every day and how awful i felt. one night in my misery i called out to God. "please if you love me, send me a man who will love me forever!" years passed and relationships passed. some were good and others not so good. again i called out, "send me a man who will love me forever!" some more time passed and i found myself dating a man who i thought was going to be good for me. turns out that he was not. he broke up with me the day before my birthday so he could watch foot ball. the next night at work i met a man named sam. he was attractive and sweet. he bothered me for a week about going on breaks and lunch and breakfast after work (we worked 3rd shift). after the first week of our talking sam invited me to go to wichita, ks with him to hang out with friends for the weekend. i told him i would think about it and let him know before we left work. i talked it over with a friend and she said that i shouldnt go, he might be a murderer or leave me in wichita or worse. i went back to my office and thought about what she had said. then a little voice told me that i would be ok and i should go. i had a great time. sam was a gentleman the whole weekend. he didnt try anything funny. the next weekend i satyed home and he went to wichita again. he called me as soon as he got home and i knew than that he was the one. the next weekend we both went back to wichita and i met his mother. on the way home, sam told me what he was going to gt me for christmas. he looked over at me and said...."i love you." i asked him if that was my christmas present. he looked like i shot him and said "did i say that out loud?" i laughed and so did he. from that point on i knew that we would be together forever. well, we got married and got a cat. i later learned form his mom that when she was pregnant with sam she was going to name him liam, but when he was born she called out "samuel!" a few years later i was involved in a bible study and we were reading about david. i came across a passage where hanna was praying to God that he grant her a son. when her son was born she named him samuel because in hebrew it means "i asked God for him." you can imagine my shock when i made this discovery. God knew that sam was for me and that i would ask for him long before we ever met. God really does care and really does listen to us. things don't always work out in our time but in Gods. i thank God for my "gift" everyday. we have been married 7 years now and still happy and in love.

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Comment by Arman Cuison on March 14, 2011 at 8:51am

I don't know why..


yesterday I'm reading this article and I don't know what happen, I feel that I really need to comment. So funny huh? it took me one day just to place my comment here. I don't know why I wanted to. haha..


Btw, very inspiring story.


Me too. Life is so intimidating. You think so? Well..., I don't thank so. cause when I started to connected all the dots of my life. I was so very surprise ∩_∩..  God is good.


God mean more than this world to me.

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