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I'm always happy I can say that Jesus lives in my heart! Unfortunately the poor guy is surrounded by blubber and watching body strain and struggle to stay healthy despite the cookies and ice cream an caffiene and extra 65 lbs. My bood has not turned to syrup yet, but was higher than it should have been last year at my annual physical. My cholesterol and all that ok, but at two separate times my blook pressure has been above normal in the last month (two separate offices, two separate machines) and 'normal' has always been above normal for me!

Between April and June this year, I lost 24 lbs. Yea! I was motivated and stoked! And then I got lazy, and in the last two months I put it all back on! Arrgh! I've never been one to diet and try to lose weight. I didn't yo-yo at all; I just didn't "yo" to begin with! When I quit drinking alcohol, I had lost a little over 20 lbs. and I've never put that back on.

I've really got to do this though. I've got a ton of risks for heart disease and diabetes, and I need to manage the risks I can so Jesus' house doesn't fall apart around His ears.

Today, I pray that the Lord will guide the choices I make regarding my health and that He will strengthen me against the temptations that would keep me in less than good health.

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Comment by Lorraine Azmeh on December 27, 2007 at 4:49pm
Hi kelly, so nice to see the lovely picture of yourself and your cute little bundle of love! how old is he? he looks so tiny. Have you had a nice Christmas? David my husband and i have loved every minute, i've ate and ate and i love chocolate so much can't help but eat too much not realising at the time how sick i end up feeling! We became born again Christians 2 years ago and have never looked back. We are both looking forward to being baptised very soon into the new year. We go to a Christian Felowship Church which is very evangelical, very modern and just what we like. it has a small band/group rather than an organ which many of our old but beautiful Churches have and so attracts the younger generation which I believe is much needed. I'm fortuanate to work p/time in it's lovely book/bibles/gift/cd/cards shop situated at the front of the shop which is joined to a coffee shop/food/cakes cafe shop. Both irresisistable and I have to ask Jesus often to stop my temptations to buy too many goodies. I'm a volunteer in the shop so i have to be careful. It's 11.40pm here in England and my husband is fast asleep by the side of me. You mite find this funny but David hubbys name is is completely deaf in his left ear so he lies on his good ear whilst i'm messin on this pc or reading and he doesn't hear a thing. I'm going to go offline now as i'm feeling pretty tired myself now. I'll nip down, make a cup of tea, fetch it to bed and read for a very short while. At the moment I'm reading a Max Lucado book, 3/16 The Numbers of hope. I've not long started reading it but it's based on the book of John you might of read it. Will have too go now. May the Lord love and bless both you and your son. Enjoy a very happy new year and may 2008 bring you much joy, Lorraine

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