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I have struggled to post any updates for almost a year. I thought in decency, finally to update as some people were willing to add my situations in prayer and others offered kind words. I am grateful and appreciative.

As an update I was the supposed non believer and the spouse was the Christian and her son was the supposedly pastor in training and on the praise leader team. Their Church ( inclusive of the Pastor that performed the wedding) as well as the associate pastor gave myself… Continue

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I am feeling quite desperate. I ask if anyone can or would like to include in prayers " God can you intercede in Pat and Megan's divorce. Can you shroud them in the holy spirit."

Time is running out fast now and I am truly scared, truly knotted with worry. I am praying constantly myself but I thought more help might be of benefit. I thank anyone who would include a small prayer.

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Great Post

I see you, I hear you, I feel for you.

You have expressed things well.

Corinthians was my own start, those verses are so completely true. Love never is a lever for anything. Love is pure.
Love has no victims. True love has no enemies, True love has no fear, True love is god. In love and in God.

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guess god makes choices

JOHN 14:13-14

And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it

I have been struggling for 8 months now to ask God in Jesus name for some sign to try and rescue a marriage where I felt there was some opportunity or a ray of hope.

Sadly I am told the divorce is in final stages and will be served to the day. I find it so hard to accept. The wife was never… Continue

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Cleaning out old animosity

I hope all sufferers of any description that may plague us had moments of spiritual realization or are still hopeful to accept that the Lord is with you.

This is a bit of a lame post in regards to all serious problems experienced by so many.

I had a choice to remain lonely, to be without friends, to be the self suffering feeling sorry for myself type of individual, to remain apart OR do something that God would say should be a necessary step in self reformation and to… Continue

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Christmas and a problem

Quite a few people here will go through Christmas without thier significant others. Certainly this will cause pain and anxiety, You may feel totally empty especially if you are by yourself. There is just no easy solution to loneliness and feeling discarded, rejected and defeated. Emotional pain is worse than anyone who has been through it can explain. We also have to recognize that others may have serious health issues and if they are left alone, that has to speak of misery as well as… Continue

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7 months

nothing has changed since last posting. The horrific silent treatment on and on. There seems to be nothing on hell or earth that will make her open a line of communication.

"Abuse is Abuse. And abuse is never ok. In one way though, the silent treatment is far worse than other forms of abuse, because it indirectly says to you that you are not a person, you are an object, you are invisible because they choose to make you so because you are not worthy of their time. THAT is one of the… Continue

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The wife of false vows. To update you she had been seeing a coffee shop smothee who was after her butt. She in turn was in the mood for "a new business write off" but just on a friend term. Well here…

The wife of false vows. To update you she had been seeing a coffee shop smothee who was after her butt. She in turn was in the mood for "a new business write off" but just on a friend term. Well heres what happens when things get friendly.

So what started as a simple business partner has evolved to biking companion, to full time friend, and now shopping partner. I doubt there is any time these two do not get out of each others site. So wonderfull new Christian love outside a… Continue

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the " said "unbeliever trying to decide what the lord really wants

Thanks again to all who have written or added as a friend. I have prayed much that the Lord could reach my wife. I have read the whole New Testament. I have asked jesus in his name to help. Nothing has changed but I can say I have a greater understanding of God's ways and what the bible says about marriage and separation and adultery.

We are as it says like a morning mist in the great scheme of things. As time slips away I can see the deadline moving closer. I expect as the law… Continue

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I would like to thank everbody for such a nice welcome.

I am trying to reach god and I pray numerous times throughout each day. I am separated for 3 months. In a strange turn of events my Christian wife left me, and so Far I am as they say a semi type believer. Let me first say I did not commit adultery which the bible describes as a reason for divorce. I have no real evidence that my wife has commited adultery either. The only fact I can go on is after 6 weeks I decided I better try and find her. I found her at another mans house which was exactly… Continue

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