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YHWH's Janitor's Blog – April 2020 Archive (4)

The Image of God and Human Origins, Part 2: Imagers Outside the Garden?

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If there were people outside the Garden of Eden, would they be made in the Image of God?

Humans have had questions about their origins for thousands of years and, for thousands of years, have engaged in intense debates over these questions.  Christians, in particular, have sparred with…


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God in Ancient Northern California, Part 1: Who Were Eas and Pok-e-wip?

All the oldest cultures have a "Sky Father"; California is no exception. The Yuki tell of Eas the Creator and His Son.…


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The Image of God: The Representational View and Implications for Human Origins, Part 1

Hey everyone! If you've ever wondered what being made in the "Image" of God means, and who... or what... qualifies... read on! God bless!

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I love tough questions. 

“Is a newly fertilized embryo…


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Reclaiming Supernatural Christianity

I have loved doing research for this topic, and I hope you join me! Let's dive deeper into the Bible!…


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