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Even if You Fan the Flame....

The act of Faith in God as exhibited by some people in the bible is something I don't seem to get over easily when I study the word sometimes. Over and again, I have heard sermons and read the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego but as I read it again a couple of days ago, I couldn't but wonder about the capacity we potentially possess to believe God…


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A Best Selling Story...

I am always intrigued about books that are listed as best-sellers and I usually look out for what makes them a bestselling piece. A best seller ia popular product; especially a book, which many people buy 1. Said in other words, it is a popular book consistently selling in significantly large numbers over a specified period of time. 

A best seller arguably is…


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Go. Go. Go...Just keep Going!

I love music reality shows and it wasn't too much of hassle for me to stay up in order to watch the final show of the American Idol that aired live in  the wee hours of this morning (in my part of the world). The show which saw Candice Glover winning climaxed on a good note as far as I am…


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Little but Indispensable....

The rains are here in this part of the world and unfortunately my windscreen wiper started to malfunction as I was driving some days ago. As in, it just stopped working! It was indeed an uphill task driving a little distance without a need to use the wiper. If you have ever driven in rain with a bad or malfunctioning windscreen wiper, I am sure you would understand what I mean. If you haven’t, when…


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The Children's Bread ; Served on a Hot and Fresh Basis

Yesterday, I had this nostalgia about my trip to Paris a while back and I remembered eating at a restaurant where there was a display of all sorts of delicious patisserie and bread ranging from Toasted Sunflower Bread, Soft Honey Oat Bread, Finnish Wheat Rolls¸ Cinnamon Rolls, Pumpkin Banana Bread with Browned Butter Cream Cheese Frosting and all..... Mouth-watering recipes and long names you would agree. Before I start to salivate again, let me head on to the focus of this post…

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What's In Service?

I look forward to Service times in church and the excitement that comes from worshipping in the Lord’s presence and learning at His feet. I enjoy dancing a lot in…


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Marathon- Run One, Run All....


I have watched marathon competitions on TV many times but recently I have been drawn to the  distinguishing features of the race and I have realized we can glean a lot of lessons from the competition. We can’t but relate it to our essence in life. …


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Just this once!

Have you ever observed the look on a footballer’s face, when He is about to take the last penalty pick that would be the deciding factor in the finals of a World Cup soccer tournament or UEFA Championship game? With all eyes on him; his team mates holding hands together in unity in anticipation of a positive outcome…


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A Good Wait or A Bad Weight?

Bringing a child into this world is one of the most amazing works of God I never cease to marvel at. I won’t go into the details of the little we understand about it today but one thing that strikes me the most is the concept of having to wait for 9 months before the delivery of a baby.  A pregnant woman may feel uneasy many times  with bouts of nausea, backache, sleepless nights but hardly would you see her curse and complain so bitterly; She won’t do that because she knows very soon she…

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Where is the Operator of this Elevator?

I stood by the elevator today and I punched the button for it to come to my floor. As I waited for it, I looked outside through the window to observe the scenery of my office environment. I got so caught up in my thoughts and suddenly jolted back to reality and I started to wonder if the elevator had actually stopped on my floor and had taken off whilst I was engrossed in my thoughts. I got confused momentarily because I knew it would usually beep when it opens….Come to think of it,…

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