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I’ve been trying to learn to paint. These are watercolorings. I watch YouTube videos about painting for beginners. I’m self taught but it’s good therapy. Art therapy of sorts.  I’ve found, anyway, that it’s somewhat therapeutic for me, helps me deal with emotions like anger and sadness, distracts my mind, even soothes my soul. Plus, it’s fun!…


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Be Reconciled to God

Since the very moment that the Fall of mankind occurred, God began fulfilling His plan to bring people back from it and from being separated from Him. It's called The Ministry of Reconciliation and is described in 2 Corinthians  5:11-21. God wasn't surprised when Adam and Eve sinned. A divine plan was…


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There’s no getting rid of the stigma.

It’s said that people will turn to the church and to God first for help and answers to the problems of daily life (especially those who are experiencing mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression) because professional help is so expensive but they turn away from the church because their problems aren’t always well received there and they don’t feel welcome in…


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Through Him, I have been forgiven, declared righteous, and am precious in God's eyes.

The piece of text on the image said, "I'm not what I ought to be. I'm not what I wish to be. I'm not even what I hope to be. But by God's grace and Jesus' love I'm not what I used to be."

All of us do things or have things in our lives that God doesn't want. None of us live in sinless perfection, but does that mean we shouldn't talk about God or share the gospel of Christ until we do?

I want to please God with my life, but I know I fail in many ways. My failures don't mean… Continue

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His death was in exchange for your life.

Have you ever examined yourself on the question of whether or not you turned to Christ out of fear for yourself, your eternal destiny, and what He can give you, or because you were truly sorry for the sinful life you've lived and what it cost Jesus to be your Redeemer, the One Who ransomed you, paid the price for your release from sin and its consequences and you love Him?

His death was in exchange for your life. "Through His blood" means by His death (Colossians… Continue

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The one thing everyone truly needs is Jesus.

Well, somehow I made it through this Sunday morning's church service. Just kidding ...

The focus as usual was on God and exalting Him.

Love and thankfulness to God were apparent in those who participated in leading the service ... through the songs and communion, through prayer and the reading of the Scriptures.

Truly, for the time I'm there, they make it easy for me to remove my eyes from my own problems and focus on God.

This morning's Scripture… Continue

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"I'm resting in Your Sovereignty"

I ask things of God while knowing that God Himself has need of nothing. Still, I wonder if there is anything I can give to God?

When I pray, I ask for His will. I pray for safety and protection for my family, that He will guard their lives, shed light upon their paths, and make their hearts happy, and I ask Him to save my lost loved ones, and help those I know who are struggling in their faith or facing hardships and loss.

I know I have nothing with which to use for… Continue

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