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Can you answer this question?

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"Who is Jesus Christ?" they asked. Could you answer them well?                      

I can see their beautiful young faces so clearly in my mind . . . one was dark, the other was light; one…


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Danger, Danger Will Robinson!

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'Ever notice what's not mentioned in the news? Hmm... quite a few things actually.

"Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ," Paul said. That was a big "whatever". Yes a…


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March Madness and winning

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Sadly, we are coming down to the end of March Madness, the annual college basketball tournament. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching, rooting, while yelling at my television screen, 'get the rebound!' And then the underdog winning,…


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When the way is rough...

When things seem bleak...

 God always has a plan.     

 'In a rough time?

Read that again.

Things were definitely bleak: Christianity was in trouble, or so it seemed.         The Gospel had come to a screeching halt, or so it seemed.                    

The teacher, the pastor, the main man had been arrested, transported to Rome in tight security, and faced…


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All this and wisdom, too?

What's wIsDoM got to do with it?    

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When you are reading, do the words ever seem to come alive - like get…


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The Resurrection Changed Human History Forever.

So much to say on this miraculous occurrence.

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Can you imagine what it was like to have been the disciples that week so long ago? Emotional and draining, then…


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Treasured letter from home

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A treasured letter. 

Nineteen years old, 2100 miles from home, I remember getting out of my parents' blue Chevy, looking around at not a single familiar face. It was quite an experience-mostly a good one. See, I had chosen a…


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Knowing we are loved changes us

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It happened again - twice actually in the last week. In the course of conversation, the woman I was speaking to said, "I had a pretty messed up childhood." Interpretation: the love I…


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Do you ever think God has amnesia?

Do you ever think God has AmNeSiA?

Do you think God forgot? Oh no, he didn't forget your prayer, I assure you!

Hmm, I don't know--maybe the prayer that is answered more often than any other has just eight words-two words, repeated four times: "Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God!'                                   

We pray these words as we come to the end of…


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Sunshine walks into the room

Sunshine walks into the room. 

Encouragement is like verbal sunshine . 

It costs nothing, warms hearts and enriches lives.  Truth is, encouragement is a gift to the soul. 


In the middle of the word is courage, which is built from the root word 'cor', meaning heart. 

To live with courage is to live fully from one's heart; indeed, it is more than…


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Who Loves Ya, Baby?

"Who loves ya Baby? Be beautiful...." the tag-line of bald-headed Kojak, tootsie pop in hand. Funny 11-second clip: …


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Extra! Extra! Get your peace right here!

Hear the podcast here:

"Extra! Extra! Read all about it," newspaper peddlers shouted, trying to sell papers with breaking news.

Well, I've got some breaking news today - news for you. It is about peace…


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What to do with your anxiety

No anxiety, Friend. . . God’s got you. 

I wonder as I wonder why God said some of the things he did.

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Having read the Bible since I was a little girl, I have oft wondered why God…


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Takes Two

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Brilliant takes from Romans, two.

'This is one of your top three Morning Briefings ever!' an email came across my screen.

While the encouragement was really great, let's face it - I was just…


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Brilliant takes

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Brilliant takes from Romans.  March, 2024.

‘Phew!’ I heard one woman sigh.  And I knew what she meant—'this Romans study is finally over.  It was hard--parts of it were dark and a whole bunch of it I did…


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With love from, Greece

Today's podcast is here:

Perhaps you have heard this -- Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.  Matter of fact, I agree with Helen Keller who made the statement; I want to wring all there is out of…


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How do you say Good Bye?

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Letter writing is mostly a lost art today. Handwritten letters, posted in the daily mail just do not have the instant transmission like text messages and emails, and it seems we have become an impatient lot. Besides, folks can't be…


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The most worthwhile purpose.

listen to this: …

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Have you ever seen grace,

Listen to this podcast here: ;

Once he found it -- or rather, it found him -- Paul was all about the grace of God.  And because he knew that without the grace of God, no one would know either hope or…


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Coming back from heaven, he told me...

"It’s all about the love," he said.  

Come and let me tell you bout a man named Michael.

Listen to this podcast here:

Like yesterday, I remember it. I stepped up to the Post Office…


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