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Isn't it Beautiful!?  There is still a gray(ness) in the air, but can you see the potential?   The trees are not in bloom yet, but still, there are buds just starting to make an appearance.  Can you see the hint of yellow in some of the distant branches?  The water level is low, and the rocks are stopping the stream from flowing on the one side, but to the left, the water is flowing.  I walk by this stream every morning with Ava, my Golden Retriever.  I like to stop here and just take a…


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A Message from God Part Two

A Message from Godpart two.
“Good Day, Emma, Dylan, Debra, Gabi, Marco, Jessica __fill in your own ask, ‘Why Am I Here?’ You are here…

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Let's take a peek . . .

What's in your Heart?   James #12 ~ September, 2019.   
                                       a little segue from what comes off our tongue started in our heart
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Mr. Miyagi and joy. Choose Joy #4

Mr. Miyagi and joy. Choose Joy #4 Psalm 16.11

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Not too long ago, I found myself eating a mug of instant oatmeal in a hotel…


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Make Way for Joy!

Make Way for Joy!

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"Joy to the World" is one of my favorite Christmas carols. As I write I am thinking about the wording,…


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You Can Really Live!

You Can Really Live!  Basic Instructions. 
link for podcast:  …

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What does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit?

A Spirit filled life is a Spirit controlled life. There is a reason why we are not experiencing a Spirit filled life. That reason is that we haven't developed a relationship with the Holy Spirit. Let us look at the Scripture to get some insight about Him, so we can begin to build that relationship with Him, then we will be more willing to turn the control of our lives over to… Continue

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An Innocent Man Charged.

An Innocent Man Charged.  Easter, 2018

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What Matters Most? #One

what matters most?

I have discovered that the answer to that is age dependent. Think of your preschool-aged son... what matters most to him?  Getting his needs met-pants changed when they're wet, building the best Lego rocket ship, seeing his mom as soon as she gets within range at school pickup time.  These are the things that matter most.
Same boy a dozen years later wonders if he will make the freshman soccer team at the…

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God, give me a pure heart!

God, give me a pure heart! Matthew 5.8

It is nighttime and I am flying over the farmland of California, winging my way back home from Northern California, where I attended an event to honor the birth of my niece’s newborn baby girl, just two months old. Looking at her, complete innocence . . . lack of guilt; one could say, pure in heart. Hmmm . . . step a little closer please—not so sure.

You will remember that Jesus was becoming quite a sensation, teaching people about…


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Love, Christian Style…

Love, Christian Style… or at least love like Jesus had in mind. Titus 2.2…


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Sold out. January, 2014

Sold out.  January, 2014.

While I no longer set New Year’s resolutions, I often think…


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Looking in … to our Hearts

Looking in … to our Hearts. …


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