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From Me 2 U

Greetings In Our Lord's Name


Hard to believe that today is the last day of 2010 but here it is. Looking back at 2010 I see it as having been a very challenging year at least for me. I guess the first "major" challenge for me was when I turned sixty-five. At first it didn't hit me as my birthday was just like any other day and I "felt" no different. Thanks to our Gov't they brought me…

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New with God every year! Happy New Year

We are new in christ every day. Put off the old and put on the new. Eph.3,4 colossian chapt. 3. The new year we are new every day in christ in the spirit . Now we must change our minds and get rid of old man ways which is probably  sin. We are new if we choose to work to put this in our minds and let GOD WORK .God has done this already in christ Jesus. Read, Read. What we do today will effect our tommorow good or bad habbits.



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I need help

I recently started going to a Blessed Church called The Life Fellowship Church in Athens Texas.

Each time I go I say this is the best service I have attended when I come home and tell my husband this he says "Fannie you say that every time" My question is over the next two Sundays our church will be preparing for the Fast on Jan 20-31.  He now says he would like to go. He says he has notices changes in me.…


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Keep holding on: God will sustain thee

We glory in tribulations also knowing that tribulation work patience; and patience experience and experience hope. And hope makes us not ashamed because the love of God is shed aboard in our hearts by the Holy Ghost…


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A True Miracle of His Kindness & Covenant


His Kindness and Covenant

"For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but My kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the Covenant of My Peace be removed, saith the LORD that hath mercy on thee"   (Isaiah 54:10).

One of the most delightful qualities of divine love is its abiding character. The pillars of the earth may be moved out of their places, but the kindness and the covenant of our merciful Jehovah never departs from His people. How happy my…


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New year... old ways?

As this new year draws closer and closer im reminded of where I was at this time last year. Pulling all nighters at house parties with people I thought were my friends to now looking for a church that might be having midnight mass. I think of the relationship so to speak of this last year and how much it's taught me and shown me within myself. How my standards have and continue to change not just for the people around me but for myself. How important my goals are to me and how urgent they… Continue

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We need to stand united. We need to know each other. We need to stand as One in Christ.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus Our Lord. I sincerely request all the Church of God to not waste time in unnecessary dealings. We need to stand with each other if we have to be A BODY in Christ. I hail from…

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Igniting a fresh revival in the land. 1.4

The Reformer

Martin Luther (10 November 1483 – 18…


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So this is Christmas. Be thankful for what you got!

So this is Christmas a time of good cheer! Family and friends all come together enjoying festive occasions.  As they depart and go their merry way 2010 moves closer toward the finish line and a New Year awaits just beyond our horizon.  Over the past twelve months we had good times,…


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A Christmas Letter From.....???

Luke 2.10 ~ I bring you good tidings of great joy. . . today. . . a Savior!!

Christmas Greetings to you, dear friend~

‘You know those letters people send at…


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Dear friends…


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(Letters of John Newton)

Dear friend,

In preferring a warm heart to a full head--you certainly judge by the rule of Scripture. The Lord looks to the heart--not to the stature, the popularity, the intellect, the rank or wealth of a person. These are to the man--no more than ornamental trappings to a horse!

"All men are like grass, and all their goodness is like the flower of the field!" Isaiah 40:6. The mass of mankind may be compared to grass. And those who are… Continue

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Hope Springs Eternal

Hope springs eternal. With just a couple days left until we officially celebrate Christmas, my mind turns to the whole specter of hope. Hope ~ a feeling of expectation that something will happen. Yes, hope. The Messiah was the epitome of hope for the entire world—indeed, the Jewish people endured persecution, enslavement, and captivity, their light never going out because they held to the hope of the Messiah. Part of the beauty of the Advent—the time of preparation—for the birth of the…


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I'm So Glad It Happened

I think I may have some valuable thoughts about my own question here.  Is it possible not to lift a finger and still be successful in finding and keeping the life partner that God has intended for you? I

think it is... if you read the book of Tobit, it's written all over

there... Tobias and Sarah was meant for each other from the beginning of

creation. I think the struggle comes in because we, humans, have free

will. We try to control and perhaps alter what God has…


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T's the season to spend! Spend! Spend! Bargins are everywhere and parking lots are overcrowded with fiesty shoppers. The hustle & bustle is overwhelming...oh yes all them folks collecting dollars for their charities. Yesterday there was a "new twist" in Christmas. Where I work we have a public food line that goes from 3:30pm - 4:45 pm. Folks can come and enjoy a free meal or two or more. I had stepped out of the dinning room for a minute or so and…


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Igniting a fresh revival in the land 1.3

Forerunners of reformation.

John Wycliffe…


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What is the true essence of Christmas?…


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Igniting a Fresh Revival in the Land 1.2

The Move of God

God moves in dispensations by the Holy Spirit using men. In the Old Testament, God’s dealing was with men on personal basis till Abraham, Isaac…


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