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November 2019 Blog Posts (15)

A prayer for the victim and her family

I am from India and I can’t be more sad to say the ugly truth that India is not safe for any person to be born here especially girls. Nobody wants to be india’s daughter anymore. As years go by , number of rapes increases. And The government does nothing but a show that justice been served. But no. A few years of punishment won’t do anything to her or her family. The rapist will be freed again. And again one of the “not yet raped” girl will be raped. Justice will never be served as it should…


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A Prayer For You

God Thank You. Thank You for loving me. Thank You for loving me Jesus. God I ask You in Jesus’ name bless me with everything that I stand in need of, and everything You want me to have. Bless me to prosper, have excellent health, and cause my soul to prosper in Your Word daily. God bless me to come to know You in truth and fall in love with You with…


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Reasons to Give Thanks.

Reasons to Give Thanks.  Thanksgiving, 2019" class="CToWUd" />"…

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Lessons from Rahab - Joshua 2

Lessons from Rahab – Joshua 2


“In the same way, was not even Rahab the prostitute considered righteous for what she did when she gave lodging to the spies and sent them off in a different direction?” (James 2:25)


The story of Rahab is a wonderful illustration of the salvation process through Jesus Christ. What caused God to view her as righteous? Rahab acted to protect the spies because she believed that God could save her. She protected the spies and lied for…


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God's Love Language

God's Love Language. 1 John 2.3-5
listen to podcast:…

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Do we fully know ourselves better?

Scriptural Readings: Psalms 147:5; Hebrews 13:20-21

We are imperfect and we know this perfectly to ourselves. The year is about to end and most of us are still struggling on somethings and perhaps expecting the next year would be a better one. Just to start with is one difficult thing to figure out. What comes next sometimes becomes a burden. There has got to be a point where it is not really that difficult to live our lives the whole year…


Added by Larry De Asis on November 22, 2019 at 3:02am — 1 Comment

Do you want to walk with God and be pleasing to Him?

Charles Spurgeon nails it (a must read)

“Grieve not the Holy Spirit.”

- Eph_4:30

All that the believer has must come from Christ, but it comes solely through the channel of the Spirit of grace. Moreover, as all blessings thus flow to you through the Holy Spirit, so also no good thing can come out of you in holy thought, devout worship, or gracious act, apart from the sanctifying operation of the same Spirit. Even if the good seed be sown in you, yet it lies…


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Don't worry.It's all done!

Scriptural Readings; John 19:30

Of the many things that we have to go through is with out having a not so rough day as we spend a full 24 hour cycle. Aside from a very exhausting day, we are also confronted with a lot of problems. It has always been a difficult part of us to separate the exhaustion of our earthly body from our soul and spirits. It is therefore important that we have to remind ourselves of the promises of Jesus and of who we…


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Make me strong and give me strength to never give up

I have been blessed that I got a family and my life like that. I am not unfortunate in any way. I can’t say this is perfect but I am happy and healthy. I got to know You at the correct time. What can be more bless full than that. But I always forget to be thankful for that and thank You for everything. When times go wrong, You were there with me. But in happiness, I forget to bring You with me. Thank You Lord for everything in my life. It’s not perfect but all that matters to me are with me…


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What's Your Problem?

What's Your Problem?
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Sometimes I just have to live life, rather than writing about it.
After having lived it, I can write about it.
In the last days, I have sat in tense hospital waiting rooms, desperate for good…

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Enter the dragon.

Enter the dragon; that serpent of old who seeks his own kingdom by toppling God’s into chaos and anarchy as stated; “I (Lucifer) will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God:” - Is. 14:13. The stage was set thousands of years ago and according to the prophets is about to climax with the pending return of the King as stated; “And I saw Heaven…


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Keep my family save and healthy

Lord as I through my everyday life,I just cane into realisation that everything I am now is because of You and My parents. Even though they are in a bad situation, they never let me face one. I just want to see my parents happy and healthy. As they have come to an age where I don’t know what might happen at what time, I just hope that You as my Lord keep them happy and save. They are everything to me. I Love You my Lord. Amen.

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God look after you in all possible way

God has been looking after all of us since we got out in the world. God has gone through storms to protect us and not let the devil take away. As I have been feeling down for what I was doing,God sent a beautiful angel to let me know that He still loves me and motivated me to do something for Him. What a wonderful day it was. Thank You Lord. Amen

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SWM seeks

SWM seeks Presence.                                                       1 John 1.9
listen to podcast:…

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