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The Holy City Hymn

Last night I lay a-sleeping There came a dream so fair,I stood in old Jerusalem Beside the temple there.I heard the children singing,And ever

as they sang, Me thought the voice of angels From heaven in answer rang.

Jerusalem! Jerusalem! Lift up your gates and sing, Hosanna in the highest! Hosanna to your King!

And then me thought my dream was changed,The streets no longer rang, Hushed were the glad…


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Lesson 2: Titus 1:8,9 Titus 1:8.............................................................................................................. 4

Titus 1:9.............................................................................................................. 5

Topical Studies............................................................................................6

Judgment, Justice, and…


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As some of you may already know, just over two months ago God answered a prayer I prayed and opened a door for me to walk through,and to realize a dream come true. I prayed that if it was truly HIS will to lead me back to Lake Huron that I needed a door to open. The very next morning I logged into my email and that door opened so wide and so soon after my prayer that there was no way this could have come from anyone but God even though that old devil attempted to sneak in and try to convince me… Continue

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Prayer for Brian

Please pray for my step sisters boyfriend brian. He is very ill and in Intensive Care Unit. He has congestive heart failure and his Co2 is rising. He pulled out his breathing tube and so now is being put on a reagular apperitice. they found a mass but dont know if its cancerous. Please pray that the family will be drawn close to each other from this thanks, Love in Christ, Laura

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The Desires of your Heart


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Who ‘re you yoked with? 2 Cor. 6.14 - 2 Cor. 7.1

Second Corinthians 7, verse 1 could really serve as a prologue:

let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness…


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"Whatever YOU want to Accomplish in YOUR Life will have to be Accomplish on YOUR knees" !!!

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forever growing in Christ

It is now the end of Aug. 2010 , and things are still going great . I have completely turned my life over to God and he is using me to further his Kingdom. Our church has moved twice to bigger buildings to accomandate the members of the congregation . We have gone from 10 to 60 in two years. We have 3 ministers that take turns bringing the message and hopefully I will be among them within the next year. I am currently driving the church van , teaching adult Sunday school ,and am… Continue

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Deaf & Dumb Spirits

Deaf and Dumb Spirits

Advanced Insights - Into Spirit World Realities

is a new program offered by Be in Health that provides just that.

When we have ungodly order in our homes, it allows another kingdom to remove from us the purity of our contact with the will of God and the Word of God as a work of the Holy Spirit. It allows deaf and dumb spirits to access our souls through theta brain wave activity and the pathways of intellect, the pathways of processing symbolism,… Continue

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Flag this message The Pure Life. 2 Cor. 7.1

The Pure Life.

let us purify ourselves from

everything that contaminates body and spirit,

perfecting holiness out of reverence for God…


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It Is For You

I remember one time when I received a message that's so reveling and so clear. Hurriedly, I took my pen and pad and wrote it down. And I made it my topical sermon. After the service I felt so heavy on my shoulders, so I asked the Lord about it, then he said "son that message is for you, I'm telling that to you".. That was the time I learned the two directional revelation from the Lord that must be taken to considered. Not all the…

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For a better world —

We all long for a more peaceful world. It is a common desire. Just like hunger points to food and thirst points to water, so our universal ache for a better and

more peaceful world means that such a world either once existed or will

one day exist. In the Christian worldview, God created a good,

wonderful world. In the beginning, everything was right with each

other. When God was in charge, we had a wonderful world. But we…


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The scribes and the Pharisees brought a woman who had been caught committing adultery John 8:3 (GW) The first thot that comes to mind regarding this verse is where did the Pharisees know where to find this woman so readily? Where is the man she weas having the affair with? He should have been there for sure. This was a set uo pure and simple. The footnote in the Life Application Study Bible regarding 8:3-6 states that the religious leaders had broken the Law by not arressting the man. The Law… Continue

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by Steve Schoon on Friday, August 27, 2010 at 8:36am

Summer is almost over and our lives are moving into renewing focus on the 9 month formal education cycle of our children and grandchildren.

Families are readjusting schedules to match the flow of attending

classes, moving…


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People are watching. 2 Cor. 6.3-13

People are watching.
When he walked into the Sanctuary, he carried a dark leather-bound Bible under his arm, along with his ‘Jesus and community’ book. When our study and prayer time was over, he approached me … “Hey, see my new Bible?” he extended it toward me.…

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No Comparison!

James Smith, 1862

"For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us!" Romans 8:18

The mortification of sin—proves that we have the life of God;

the life of God—proves that we are the children of God;

being the children of God—proves that we are the heirs of God;

and being the heirs of God—proves that our inheritance is sure!

We shall… Continue

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Grace--when only grace will do

I remember the drive up to Santa Ana like it was yesterday, going to visit a friend’s mother who was about to lose her battle with cancer. I

wound my way through an old neighborhood, checked to make sure the

house number was correct, and walked up to ring the doorbell. A rose lover myself, I couldn’t help but notice several beautiful garden roses she had on her front walkway.…


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He didn't want to travel in Judea because Jews there wanted to kill him John 7:1 (GW)

When I still worked with Young Offenders I recall receiving death threats in fact one youth even got hold of my phone number and threatened to kill me. The Police were called in to investigate. I have never been threatened with death because of my faith in Christ. I have been ridiculed, laughed at and insulted. With the way things are changing here in Canada that may change. I receive a weekly…

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Grace, freely given. 2 Corinthians 5

Grace, freely given.

Saturday morning, I returned to my car after working out at the gym, and saw a text message on my cell phone.…


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