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February 2008 Blog Posts (43)

Christians in Business--the little-known local church and missions engine

I was at my local gas station yesterday and the pumps I usually frequent (I have to spend between 20 cents and 60 cents above premium gas because my car uses diesel), I had to head on over to the truck pumps.

As I was filling up my eyes noticed a tow truck on the other side of the pump island with the words "Serving you and the Lord." I couldn't help starting into a conversation to the delight of the tow truck owner as we were serving the same purpose.

Whenever I meet a… Continue

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What would happen if the things that are immediate problems in your life went as bad as you imagine they could? Where would you be? It's a horrible question and you might wonder why I would ask it unless of course I wanted to cause you pain and grief. But the truth is it's a question God has asked me many times when I was in the middle of something I thought was unbearable. What could possibly happen to us that could take us out of his hands. Where could we end up that he couldn't reach us? I'm… Continue

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Thank you Lord

I just want to say thanks and praise to this wonderful site; when I have felt weak and down. I know I have a place to come where I can be lifted up by so many other Christians. I love my Bible as well; but sometimes I need you; all my beautiful friends love and acceptance. Praise God for You,!!!!! Mandy

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Verse of the Day

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Questions for Evolutionists

Material by Dr. Kent Hovind. For those that find themselves intersecting in conversations with "smart people", you may find this material quite good to cause them to rethink the basis for their world view.

The test of any theory is whether or not it provides answers to basic questions. Some well-meaning but misguided people think evolution is a reasonable theory to explain man’s questions about the universe. Evolution is not a good theory—it is just a pagan religion masquerading as… Continue

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So you think you are wise?

Here is a collection of verses that demonstrate God's plan to frustrate and confound those that consider themselves wise and intelligent. For their intelligence is man made and cannot be mixed with the wisdom of God. Man's attempt at explaining the world apart from God is an example of devolution as we have drifted further and further from the union we had with God in the Garden of Eden. That perfect union and glory in the presence of God is an unimaginable gift to those that accept… Continue

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Tracking Generation Types across the Kings of Judah

Recent studies of American History highlight a lot of “interesting” theories. Left wing Historians often are guilty of “Presentism” – which is applying the standards and values of their particular leanings to people who lived 80 – 100 – even 400 years ago to show how hollow, murderous, or stupid they were. Right wing historians have some of the same problems in order to refute Left Wing politics but both make the mistake of studying time and history as a linear progression that wanders across… Continue

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12 and so wise

A remarkable phone call from a 12-yr old boy to Houston radio station KSBJ FM 89.3. So profound, the station has it posted on their website. Click below to listen to it. It's short ....

Watch on youtube

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Blog Numero Trois- I'm procrastinating

I have a micro-economics test tomorrow, I should be studying. Part of me is hoping he'll cancel and I won't have to go in. It snowed pretty bad. So i'm praying that I will not suffer the consequences of the bad choices that i am making now. The odds that God will honor my prayer are about none. Arrrghhhh!

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"What is a carnal Christian?"

Question: "What is a carnal Christian?"

Answer: Can a true Christian be carnal? In answering this question, let’s first define the term "carnal." The word "carnal" is translated from the Greek word "sarkikos," which literally means "fleshly." This descriptive word is seen in the context of Christians in 1 Corinthians 3:1-3. In this passage, the Apostle Paul is addressing the readers as "brethren," a term Paul uses almost exclusively to refer to other Christians, and then goes on to… Continue

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FACING HUMAN NATURE ISN'T ALWAYS EASY <a href=""><img src="" border="0"/></a><br/><a href="h

Even though I have been subjected throughout life to the darker side of human nature, it still never ceases to stun, shock, hurt, amaze, bewilder and frighten me. We are all human. We are all capable of hurting one another in very deep and permanent ways. It is through the grace of God that I am promised eternal life and through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, I am able to resist some pretty ugly things.

Today, I was faced with a challenge that sadly I have had to deal with a lot… Continue

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Trying to stay strong

I am struggling more each day. Because of the abuse I went through I suffer from anxiety and depression. My anxiety doesn't even register mild anymore but my depression is up to moderate. I still am dealing with a husband who has no heart. Now I am struggling in my church which breaks my heart because my church has been my pilar of strength through all of this. My husband started spending alot of time with a friend of his wife then he left me. The woman left her husband 2 months after he left… Continue

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As a Little Child

When we’re Children the world is new and a place to be discovered. As GK Chesterton said, We’re excited not just because Lilly opened a door to find a land of fairies but because Lilly, a small kid just like us, figured out how to open the door. Reality is romantic because it’s mysterious. We don’t know that a rose bush is going to produce the same color rose every year. Next year instead of red they may be yellow. We don’t see things as forgone conclusions; the world still holds mystery and… Continue

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Read this in a booklet my eldest gave to me before she went on her year for Christ, and i would love to share it with all my dear and special friends:

The gift of friendship

Friendship is a pricelss gift

that can't be bought or sold

but its value is far greater

than a mountain made of gold.

so when you ask God for a gift,

be thankful if He sends

not diamonds, pearls or riches,

but the love of real true friends.

author… Continue

Added by Nienie on February 18, 2008 at 7:20am — 1 Comment

Be A Good Example

Be A Good Example

Taken from Pastor Joel Osteen Live Like A Champion

You are always ministering to those around you. Even though you may not be behind a pulpit, your life is your sermon. People watch how you live, how you respond to adversity, how consistent you are and how you treat the people around you. God calls us to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth. This simply means that the way we live should make other people want to be around us and have what we… Continue

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Poem "The Dance" by Hope Grace

Abandonment and Degradation

Intimately held hatred and animosity

Drawing my rapt attention

They danced on the edge of memory

Their dance was spellbinding

And my wrath did swell within

When suddenly I realized

I had been taken in

They circled themselves around me

And gripped each others hands

They sang to me their song

And encouraged me to dance

I began to sway slowly

To the hypnotic pulse they played

But… Continue

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"What does it mean that God is love?"

Answer: What does it mean that God is love? First we will look at how God's Word, the Bible, describes "love," and then we will see a few ways that it applies to God. "Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not want what belongs to others. It does not brag. It is not proud. It is not rude. It does not look out for its own interests. It does not easily become angry. It does not keep track of other people's wrongs. Love is not happy with evil; but it is full of joy when the truth is spoken. It… Continue

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My Valentine

My gorgeous daughter Nena was born 8 years ago on Valentines Day. I can't think of a better gift. No box of chocolate, flowers, jewelry or cards could ever be more special than this precious PRECOCIOUS child. Mind you as a single mom, the idea of chocolate, flowers, jewelry or cards would not even be an option (not that I ever got them while I was married or dating for that fact even in school I was the kid that got no valentines in… Continue

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What are the Current Living Generations Like?

What are the Current Living Generations Like?

Note: I am in San Diego this week working in SPAWAR.

"21" is a book about Blackjack. It is a best seller and will soon be a movie. The story is that a bunch of MIT students in the mid-1990s start a BlackJack club and over time, they assault the large casino BlackJack tables and come away with millions of dollars. These college kids are brilliant; their math skills translate into the ability to simultaneously track 6 to 8 hands… Continue

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--10 The Preacher announces the sermon is from Galatians ... and you check the table of contents.

--9 You think Abraham, Isaac and Jacob may have had a few hit songs during the 60's.

--8 You open to the Gospel of Luke and a WWII Savings Bond falls out.

--7 Your favorite Old Testament patriarch is Hercules.

--6 A small family of woodchucks has taken up residence in Psalms.

--5… Continue

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