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What does it mean to have a Christ Centered Relationship?



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Viewing  the other half spiritually as a Christian brother or sister before viewing her/him as the object of love and affection.

Good word bro.

I think it's really good to have a relationship with Christ is in centered

To talk about the relationship between friends, brother and sister in Christ: Let me tell you my story, I went to Church when I was very young that I don't remember clearly. I went to Church because of my dad wanted me to go. But I had problems with friends in Church. I had decided not to go to Church anymore because of those friends. I left the Church almost 10 years. At this moment, when God is in my way, I recognize that I would not leave the Church if  I put God in our relationship's center.

Christ centered relationship of life partner is very important also. God will teach both to do what they should do to keep the relationship always happy, peaceful, faithful....marriage life is very complicated. There are many problems could be happen. Only God can help us to solve the problems easily.

you are very right

before you do ANYTHING just ask yourself WHAT CHRIST would have done!


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