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Can we just allow God to work and let's stop all efforts of finding and keeping a life partner?

Starting, assessing, evaluating, analyzing, nurturing ... "doing our homework on" a relationship is soooo exhausting! I just want this God-given man to land on my lap without lifting a finger! Possible? (",)


Sister Macky asked this question and I took the liberty to make it a discussion. Hope you don't mind sis. :)


Please give us your thoughts. I will gives mines in a bit.


Blessings family.

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I can't say if it's possible or not. But I can say a lot of times your soulmate / life partner is RIGHT in front of you. Mine turned out to be this amazing guy who was my close friend for four years. After going through a terrible break up and going to church and praying and learning more.. I saw him in a different light. It was like God was telling me "I had him in front of you all this time; take the chance and speak your mind" (I'm no poet but I can rhyme!) Anyway that was this past April. We actually started dating the day before my baptism. After I was dunked into the water I felt a sense of relief like my life was starting officially as a Christian. I never dated a Christian before and my fiancé is Christian and he's helped me in so many ways. When he came to visit in August for my birthday and I was in his arms... I felt like my life was complete. No joke. I know I'm young and such but I've never felt as safe and as peaceful as I am with Tony other than with God. That convinced me on the spot...He's my soulmate.

Okay sorry for rambling. But it's so possible that someone right in front of you is THE ONE. It could be your best friend it could be your close friend it could be a friend of a friend. In any case I think God puts our soulmate in our lives.. But it's up to us if we want to see it through his eyes or not.
We are happy for you beloved Krista. Thanks for sharing super chick.

Love to you yonster.

Here share this with your boy:

Love you wild man. You rock dude. Thanks for sharing beloved, it is a blessings to many to learned from our mistakes.

Great story of reconciliation, which is a ministry we have all been given. 2 Cor 5:18

And sorry dude but i did strangled you a bit. hahaahaha J/K
I already appreciate what's been written about the discussion posted (No David, I do not mind,(",) ).

I have been in a non-committed relationship which was so full of uncertainties for me all throughout the 12 years that it lasted. It has left me exhausted and depleted emotionally and psychologically that I just wanted to drop dead on my tracks towards wherever and let God do all the work, since I cannot be trusted anyway with my judgment as I failed to see the coming of the end of my relationship with this guy. Hence, the question posted on this discussion.

Thank you for your sharing... I would surely get some good insights here that might lead to my enlightenment regarding the matter.
Well what do you think girly. Do you get to work or do you slumber?

Haha... David, I don't think God allowed me to slumber.  HE made me do some work but HE is quick to remind me HE  is on top of things and I better not forget that if I wish to remain happy.  (",)

Well... revisiting this forum is somehow helping me with my pain on another aspect of my life.  Yes, it's the same principle that should apply to all feelings of heartbreak... full trust in God that HE will take you out of the pit of losing someone you hold dear in your heart. 

I don't really have a significant personal experience on how God can work out our life partner without us doing all the work and leaving God to do it for us. But i can say that based on the lessons i got from other people's experiences who were very close to me, i have realized that while we keep a frantic search for the right man or woman else where or every where, all the while he/she is always right in front of us, all one needs to do for that person to be reveal is through praying or prayer. When we pray and commit this delicate aspect of our lives into God's hands. It becomes a lot easier for us to get what we want on an easy note, without stress instead of following our own instincts and start dating every one on a trial basis which actually makes us waste a whole lot of time in finding the right partner.
Good word bro. Thank you for sharing.
Wow!!!! Bravo beloved Kobe, praise the Lord sis. Hallelujah. There remains a people after God's own heart.

My Lord blessed your faithfulness to Him, may He increase His favor upon your home and your wisdom to live an abundant life.

Your comment blessed me my sister. You have honored your King may He give to you the desires of your heart.


Proverbs 6:6 (New International Version)

6 Go to the ant, you sluggard;
consider its ways and be wise!

Hahahaha Totally just a chip shot sister haahaha but you totally set your self up for it. :)

Annie great to have you here with your solid advice. Great imput.

Macky I can't improve on what sis Annie has said here. I can only say Amen and amen!


I think I may have some valuable thoughts about my own question here.  Is it possible not to lift a finger and still be successful in finding and keeping the life partner that God has intended for you? I think it is... if you read the book of Tobit, it's written all over there... Tobias and Sarah was meant for each other from the beginning of creation. I think the struggle comes in because we, humans, have free will. We try to control and perhaps alter what God has already written as our future. And sometimes we mess up and we begin to question and blame God for the hard times we go through in finding and keeping the one we supposedly love. But had we allowed God to move freely in our lives... Just like Tobias and Sarah... our heart would have been prepared and it will be no sweat to find and keep that life partner He intended for us.


I say this is my  50% of the story...I was still in a heart break mode... I was beginning to wonder why God is taking so long to heal me and deliver me from that state, it's been almost 2 years and I was still in the same situation as when he (the guy) had chosen another woman over me. I decided to try and discover what God was trying to tell me through this experience and I was really hoping to get out of this sorry state upon understanding His motive. And so I went to back to seriously reading His Word again. Much on a regular basis... and I looked for online resources on spiritual growth... Voila!  I found this site! I liked its online bible and while exploring the AAG site...I discovered its chat room. I remember having trouble with chat at first... could not manipulate it properly on my laptop initially. But later after... things ran smoothly. 


Eventually, one thing led to another... without me having to lift a finger. Everything just happened so naturally. A few trials of chat time... and when finally successful to operate chat,  there he was! I didn't think much of it because it was chat. I am skeptical about most things unseen. But I was led to open up and with continues prayer for guidance... things just kept running its course. No sweat, I tell you... despite the obstacles presented to us... I feel rather calm. Nothing that God cannot take care of. Apprehensions vanished, mindsets changed, and the desire to make God lead this connection between him and me was just there, felt and made real.


True, we still do not know what the future holds for us... only God does. But even this uncertainty is not giving me a hard time... I  just rely on God's goodness and wisdom. I would say... it is possible not to lift a finger in finding and keeping a life partner. I think the effort required of us is not in doing that, but is in allowing God's grace and blessings to enter our life. Our focus should be in how to delight in the Lord so that we may be open to His will and will not struggle by unconsciously mis-aligning our own human will from His. If you just let God... I think everything will happen in such a way that should there be obstacles, hindrances, delays... God will grant you the grace to overcome and not feel exhausted and depleted by thinking and feeling you were on your own to make things right. I truly believe if it is His will... it will happen. God does not break His promises... that is written.



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