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The very words I have spoken to You will come to pass, will be fullfilled nothing I say returns to Me void For I speak life I speak truth I cannot lye, within the words I have spoken to You there is time, time for it to take root and grow like a seed planted in good soil, and watered with the Word, supports around it to guide it up to the light of the sun so it does not grow in another direction, and food yes good food for the young plant to grow strong and healthy against the winds and the torrants of rain, lest it break and come to nothing, and there are those sent by Me to tend the plant to guide it with gentle hands and to cut and prune away that which would hinder its growth, but these carers come with time, come at a time required and then they leave, others may come more wiser and understanding of the growth of the vine and give good advice in time of need, but all this is in the matter of time, all this comes about when I the Lord desires so, not when You think you are ready, even to say you are up for it ! beware do nothing without Me, it would be far better to remain in bed than to go out and seek to do My will for Your life without My instruction and guidance in the beginning of the process of You achieving the living of your life for Me, its in the surrender to time, waiting, watching, knowing the times, see look around You see the times You are in even now is that not a warning to You to not slumber nor sleep but be alert, awake ready, to do what You ask, will I not lead You take You by the hand into the situation prepared for You to show forth My will My Glory to those of mankind who are seeking after me, do not fret over the many you see who are against Me, You are sent for those who are looking for Me those yet to come whom I know by Name they are already mine, but in their time I have for them they shall gladly come, the words from My mouth send You out in My words You go forth to achieve and do my good will without My word do nothing., for this will be of Yourself and not to My glory and it will be like a vapour of wind that will come and be gone but act on My words and it shall stand forever as a fortress to My Faithfullness and You shall be rewarded of Me in My courts for all to see and remain with Me for eturnity as My Faithfull Children.     

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Wow what a start for the day !!


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