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All About GOD - Growing Relationships with Jesus and Others

Part one of "Healing" was inspired by our Lord. Placed into my heart to be shared as testimony of what God can do and wants to use through us to reach out to a dark world.

This morning after my time with Him I felt He was urging an elaboration.

Some will see this elaboration as preaching but I am relying on God for His will and HIS WORDS to help me relay His Message to all of us including myself.

God does speak to us , but He always speaks to us about things that still need work in ourselves. Things that He is still working on in us. He wants us to grow and stand on His word with more understanding of His ways as we go along.

In the old testament, He gave us His Commandments. Those are the laws He wants us to live by (Exodus 20:2-17)

It's not always easy in a dark world to remain untouched by what society seems to be accepting that go against these commandments, but with His Holy Spirit to guide us and to teach us and to keep us strong in His Word, WE CAN!!

With the Holy Spirit indwelling in us , He will work on transforming our minds and hearts and hone the Fruit of the Spirit within us. (Galatians 5:22-23).

We are all works in progress, clay in His hands and He is working every minute of every day,changing and reshaping. Taking out of us what the "World and it's ways" has placed in us and filling us more and more with "HIS LIGHT AND HIS WAYS."

After the testimonial in Part One yesterday,God revealed to me something He wanted me to realize and share.

Something that, I myself, needed to learn, a point that I was missing until my time with Him this morning.

I would write a list of all the sins and problems in this world today but it would make for a very long novel.

I started thinking about the Ten Commandments and the Fruit of the Spirit and it dawned on me that EVERYTHING we struggle with and the ways we react or act on them shows where and how we still need changing. I realized that every behaviour, addictions, abusiveness, etc,etc,.... really boils down to a "SPIRITUAL" problem.

When we lay our cares with the Lord and stop worrying we are "TRUSTING" Him. If not, well, then we still need to trust Him more. It's somewhere we still need more Spiritual growth.

If we react in a negative way to something, it is not so much an emotional problem as it is a "Spiritual" problem that points to something inside of us that still needs some work.

Even Righteous anger has limits and that is where the one Fruit of the Spirit "Self Control" comes into play.(one of my own personal struggles, Lord tame my tongue to speak Your Word,in Love!)

Think of any behaviour problem and anything that is viewed as an emotional problem in your own life or even in anyones life and ask yourself "Is it REALLY an EMOTIONAL problem?"

Deep down inside , it boils down to the Spirit and a Spiritual problem and that is why we SOOOOOOOOOO VERY MUCH NEED JESUS!!




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