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I awoke this morning at 2:30 AM and could not get back to sleep. Seems like forever long ago at times like that I would just get up, turn my computer on and just write or chat on line with the Christian Internet family that God had blessed me with,Praise Jesus and pray together until sleep came.

So much has happened in such a few short months that it seems like eons ago.
A subject was brought up a few days ago and being on limited time to reply, my answer was short and incomplete. I pray it did not get misconstrued and that I did not come off sounding insensitive but if I did, I apologize to the parties concerned.

As a result of this particular subject coming up, the Lord has been putting on my heart what I am about to write.
I am DEEPLY THANKFUL to God for all that He has carried me through in the past five years and the subject of this note is "HEALING."

I am overjoyed that God drew me close enough almost three years ago to finally hear and respond to Him and open the door of my heart so that Jesus could walk through the threshold.
Through the preceeding years, I was a "Hoarder" and did not even realize it. I was not a "hoarder" of "THINGS" but a hoarder of every hurt, every disappointment and every broken dream and the bad fruit those things produce. There was no amount of "Worldly Psychology" that ever could have sorted out the mess my mind, body, soul and spirit were in. Only Jesus could know where to even begin.
God has placed many loving and kind people in my life along this healing path and I thank God every day for their lives. So many have taken the time to care about this ordinary, small town waitress and helped to restore my faith in the goodness that God created us for.
Not for a moment did God let me give up and neither did all those He placed in my path.Although at times the journey seemed impossibly tough with many rough waters,God showed me that nothing is impossible and He would never let go of His childs hand. If anyone were to let go of a hand it would be us letting go of HIs but He would always take it lovingly into His again. Never giving up on us, always merciful and always there to carry us back into calm waters again, prayerfully with a little more of His wisdom than we had before the storm and better equipped for the next one.
You see, God never promised us life would be easy. Even having a New Life in Christ, we will have storms and trials but He will help us through them all without holding,onto bitterness, hurt and pain. "Hoarding" those things becomes a thing of the past with Him who strengthens us.

We can only pray and do our best through Jesus Christ, that we can give back to a hurting world,what He has healed and restored in us, in any way, shape or form that we can.

To a very special friend who brought up this subject a few days ago, that inspired this letter: Keep praying and keep being the light and kindness of Christ to all around you who are "HOARDERS."
It is not the material things we hoard that are a problem so much as the emotional "STUFF" we are hoarding that is behind it all.
Only Jesus can heal when the mess gets too big for us but we can all help someone along that path even in the smallest kindness shown along the way.


To every one of my many blessings,
With MUCHLY LOVE and appreciation.

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