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I was going to start a new group because I was not sure whether I should insert this topic in this group, but since the theme of this group is to reach out to the hurting I figure it would be a good place for it.

I have had personal experiences in this area. I have seen many folks transform, not just manifest demonic possession by yelling or throwing up, but i have actually seen them changing into horrible things.

I have also seen fallen angels manifest themselves in material ways.
I am also familiar with the epidemic going around with drug user becoming posses.

So please feel free to ask - I will begin the discussion by answering a question that a dear sister in Christ asked me not to long ago.

A common question I have been asked about this subject is the following:

Q. What exactly is a demon and why do people throw up when they manifest and are delivered form demonic possession?

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My battle made me a Christian! I was not a believer before this began and by seeing what I've seen, I came to understand that IT'S ALL REAL. Then at my lowest moment in the fight...JESUS showed up and turned my fear into fearlessness! Life can never never be the same once God shows up and tells you what it's all been for :)


The tough part can be maintaining your awareness of your authority in Jesus in the middle of an intense attack. You have to learn to take control of the tension and fear that takes over when you're face to face with the purest evil that exists...breathing his breath...speaking with his voice and praying all at the same time. Once you conquer that issue it's all downhill from there and that's the point when your focus becomes something very different and something God-driven.


There is peace in knowing who you are in God.




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