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How are people stubborn in their relationship to God?

What' the difference between stubborness and strong convictions?

How do we know when we are being stubborn?

How do we deal with stubborness in someone else?

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Patience and a quiet attitude with that person and praying will help.

Hi Nancy interesting question it can be very hard to distanquish .

The only thing I can think of is a situation in my own life when I was hurt very badly by a family member without getting into details I would say originally I was being very stubborn. In that there was bitterness anger even hatred. It actually was very painful yet I didn't see it and would not admit it even if I did. At a point I felt a nudging requiring me to do something that until then I felt was imposable. The situation at the time was a time of grief and I hug the family member. In doing so I sensed a forgiveness and I felt a ton of pressure lifted off my shoulders. Did our relationship reunite- no it did not. That was the conviction. I felt no pain no anger no bitternes  yet I knew to rekindle the relationship would only rekindle the actions and problems which caused the problem in the first place.

It wasn't until  later in pray with the Lord that I saw the difference. At that point my pray was that I would not ever find myself in such a state of stubborness.

I found stubborness leaves no room for growth thus ultimately brings pain.

Conviction allows for constant growth and therefore brings a peace and a joy.

yes agree  Like Luke I assume to much. My thoughts of growth requires the Fathers wisdom thus conviction allowing constant growth.

the pain of stubborness of course the pain pharoah suffered as a result of his stubbornness


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