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So many times we say were a Christian and dont act like Christ-like.
So many times we would rather say were Christians and not do what
the bible says. How sad. So many times we turn to the things of this
world instead of Jesus. Paul wrote "To be a friend of the World is
to be an enemie of God." So many times we would rather have the
pleasers of the world. Stuff like drinking, and partying. But we are
called to so much more. Jesus and the bible standerds go way higher
than the worlds standerds. But We cannot live this way, the way the
bible and Jesus tell us to live without the help of Jesus and the
Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives us strangth to live like this
Christian life. Jesus wants us to be real with HIM and stop being
fake. To be real with Jesus means to take off the mask people put on
and start showing who Jesus really is to the world. THe way to be
real is starting reading your bible and find out what GOd has to say
about living the Christian lifestyle. The Christian lifestyle is not
a game. You dont get to pick and choose what you want to belive in
the bible. You either belive in the bible and what Jesus teach's
100% of the time or dont belive at all. Its that simple. You we as
Christians have to take off this mask that we are wearing, called a
lie, and show them the real us and the real Jesus. I know that this
may sound hard to do but remember Jesus is watching and will help.
Remeber when Jesus died and rose into heaven HE sent a helper the
Holy Spirit as a helper. Just remember that we must stop playing
this game of being fake, stop lying about who we are in Christ and
start showing the real Jesus. Jesus is watching. He can see your
heart. In the book of either first or second Samul it says "Man
see's the out word apperence but God see's the things of the heart."
So why try and hide from God? HE can see everything. So show the
world the real you and show Jesus the real you. Remember He all
ready knows you to point that HE has every hair on your head
counted. So stay true to who you are in Jesus.

Lord Jesus,
Forgive me for being fake. Help me to be real in you. Lord I dont
want to be playing this game of being fake anymore. I want the real
Jesus in my life. I want to show you in my life. In Jesus name Amen.

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