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We know it is wrong to steal, but children some times steal things. How do we handle it when we find our kids have been stealing? Now I have not dealt with this as a parent in a long time, and when I did deal with it, I did not do such a good job handling it. So lets hear from the experts out there. Moms, and Dad every where how do you handle it when you find out your child has been stealing Stuff?

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We need to understand that man has a fallen nature before Christ redeem us, that is why you don't need to be thought on how to lie, steal and so on; such nature is in children too.In Galatians 5:17, we are made to understand that their is war between the Spirit and the flesh after accepting Christ, each try to dominates the other but thank God who has given us all things that pertain to life and Godliness through the knowledge of  Lord Jesus Christ.Their is no way in which we can help our children outside the word of God, for this is the greatest weapon that God has given us.All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine{teaching},for reproof,for correction, for instruction in righteousness. This means that the word of God has to affect our lives first as parents before it can affect our children.When this done, we will now be able to use it has a tool to train or correct our children in righteousness. The word of God is our standard tool/ medium use to train ,correct and rebuke/reproof. It is quick and powerful sharper than any two edged sword, when we release it into the lives of our children, it has the ability destroy any negative influence over our children.Train up a child the way he should grow so that when he/she is old will not depart from it.


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