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They sure are and leading to the days of the flood when everyone was laughing and singing and being entertained lawlessness was prevelant human beings were shameless They gave no glory to God they had turned away from believing they were thoroughly wicked it took something as horendous as the flood to take care of business... but now we have evil again Im not givin it a party. Im just sayin the line is getting greyer Evidently this is goin according to God's plan as I look around me. I see a different America and its in the final round before Jesus returns. BUT dont decieved all isnt well by Sept 2015 mid month America will financially collapse by the 15th day of the month all because America Prides herself above God and refuses to bow and repent thus Isa 9 10 becomes a curse and judgement has been pronounced upon a nation as it once was pronounced upon old time Israel.....the theme come back to me.....return...
Yes brothers and sisters my heart sure has been heavy...we are that close I rejoice in that but that also means not much time left either....evangelism got to step it up a notch got to drop it like its hot.....any way you can get it out there being .....transparent is the real key so Jesus can shine through you no conflicting signals.......I remember it somewhere dont have your good evilspoken of or something like that or probly better put would be I hope I left a good impression and something they would gladly remember instead of quickly forget

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Why September 2015?

 God is definitely calling for us to come back and change our wicked ways. I am doing my best and sharing God's word with positive results. This continues to strengthen me.

Hi Chip, God bless you!

I've been working on the lessons for the Major Prophets through a ministry. I'm working for a degree. I've read The Harbinger. I agree that America's in trouble. Honestly, I already knew it before I read the book.

Why doesn't he mention the false prophets. His focus is Isaiah and not Ezekiel, but the false prophets played a major part in misleading Israel. They were saying peace, when God had said nothing like that. It just bothered me, but maybe that wasn't his focus. Or maybe I missed it. I'm reading the book again because I'm writing my paper on the Major Prophets. I want to be thorough. I'm not saying I disagree with his teaching in the book.

Another question, do we know for sure that Washington and friends walked to the chapel and then prayed and dedicated our nation to God? I kind of wondered about that information.

On the other hand, I apologized to God. I have Jewish ancestry. I didn't do it because of The Harbinger. The Harbinger came later. I think God wanted me to read The Harbinger. But, reading the Major Prophets changed me a lot. I thought maybe my apology would matter. Then I read in Daniel that he apologized to God for Israel.  :-)  Isaiah through Daniel really moved me inside. Anytime I start the Bible lessons, I always ask God to show me what it is He wants me to see.



Hi Chip, God bless you!

It's really nice to have someone to talk to about it.  :-)   I'm working on my paper about the Major Prophets, and I don't know why I'm concerned the class moderator will jump all over the paper.  BAM!  It's about what Israel did that displeased God, and what God wanted from them.  Along comes this book The Harbinger.  I'm like...You know God, the Major Prophets is a lot of information, now you want me to read The Harbinger too.  The Lord kept bringing it up...Okay, okay, I'll read it. The paper is supposed to be at least 500 words.  It's over 2000.  I think the idea is that if it's under 500, you didn't learn very much.  The Bible verses count, but I want at least 500 words of my own.  I cited my sources too.  I'll put it in the blogs.

For some reason God wants me to know more about my ancestors. I haven't put the puzzle together yet. He's always looking out for me.



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