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I'm not sure if many will find this a good topic of discussion or not.

I find many people who are not Christians seem to be afraid to discuss God and Christianity.

When you bring the topic up or fit it into the conversation, many seem to withdraw from you.

Even many people who belong to a church seem to act the same way.

Why do they act that way?

Is it possible they know the truth but afraid to face their own faults?

Maybe they are so into this world they don't want to admit there may be something more.

Just thought it would be nice to see others views.

I try to make other feel welcome and comfortable when I bring it up or add it to the conversation. I would never judge someone, but it seems as though thats how they take it.

What are your experiences and thoughts.

God Bless


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If I had a choice between talking politics or Christianity I'd pick Christianty.

At least the truth doesn't change with God and Hes easier to understand.

Politics tries my patients, God gives them to me.

I say that with a liitle tounge in cheeck.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Go Packers


i have noticed the same thing, i think that people are way too into this world and dont want to stop sinning and also they assume because we are christians and talking to them about GOD that we think we are better than them which isnt true. i have tried talking to some of my family and instead of changing the subject or being quiet about it they like to mock me! I feel sorry for those who do not have GOD in their lives and i will continue to pray for them. have a great day brother Gary and GOD bless


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