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I'm not sure if many will find this a good topic of discussion or not.

I find many people who are not Christians seem to be afraid to discuss God and Christianity.

When you bring the topic up or fit it into the conversation, many seem to withdraw from you.

Even many people who belong to a church seem to act the same way.

Why do they act that way?

Is it possible they know the truth but afraid to face their own faults?

Maybe they are so into this world they don't want to admit there may be something more.

Just thought it would be nice to see others views.

I try to make other feel welcome and comfortable when I bring it up or add it to the conversation. I would never judge someone, but it seems as though thats how they take it.

What are your experiences and thoughts.

God Bless


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Pretty much as you described Brother; Yes ; my friends dont always answer my emails I send them often; but then some do; and I have noticed they havent cut me off as their friends, cause at least it gets thier consciencs going; prayer and letting God do His work is about all we can do & pray for, and encourageing them in His direction. The choice is ultimately theirs to make. You can only love them as Jesus did; with compassion, true humility, and let them see by your example.. .

Hi Gary.Good question.

It can be a bit like the 'elephant in the room' experience were two (or more) people are very aware of the elephant,but neither is willing to move out of their comfort zone by acknowledging it.

I think there are many reasons for this,some of which Amanda points out,but also because either the Christian or the non-christian,or both,may be afraid of somehow causing offence to the other.For example,one may fear appearing to mock or devalue the others faith,while the other may fear appearing to impose their faith on their friend,or family member,bringing into question their sense of moral right or wrongs (appearing judgemental).

Many of us (including me) in the Christian faith have had experience of this,and it can be really difficult,however,I fully agree with what 'swtswan' suggests.How we live our lives can provide a powerful witness to those closest to us,whilst we pray for them,waiting for the opportunity and the leading of the Spirit to speak into their lives.


Sojourner : )

I have had people ask me how i manage raising three kids,working,keeping house, paying bills by myself,and when I tell them that i have alot of faith,hope,and love that God will see me through it they tell me if you say so..I do say so because if it wasnt for God where would all of us be right now in our LIVES...God loves everyone no matter how good or bad they do...The deal is do they accept CHRIST as their saviour,and are they willing to turn their lives over to the care of God,and let him have the throne in their life. 

I wonder, as we discussed at Bible study last night, can we, Christians, be part of the problem?

I know all of us make mistakes. Many, if not all, are not pleasing to God. We know that frogiveness is ours for the asking.

When others see us make mistakes, do they see us as hypocrites?

I wonder if we need to let others know we are not perfect and do make mistakes. Because of our inability to be perfect we need to be forgiven and have been. Maybe they need to know that becomming a Christian is a journey. A journey to become more like Christ and not instantaneous perfection, eventhough I wish it were.

I know when I speak to people, I'm not afraid to let them know I am a work in progress.

Just a thought.

Have a blessed weekend all.





















I have to agree with you on that saying, i have told people i make mistakes and it seems that they still want to throw it up in our faces and judge us who are trying to change our ways and follow Christ and do the right thing in life....i am a person who has judged and had no right to judge anyone at all..I have a friend that needs christ badly in her life and I told her i would pray for her she  told me she didnt need Christ that her life wasnt gng to get any better
I have friends that say they arent doing anything wrong.... I have to admit that I am  the blacj sheep as well... i grew up with critism all the time while my brother got all of it on a silver platter...I had faith in God that he would bring me and help me through everything I was going thru..

Hi Gary,


Your question:

I find many people who are not Christians seem to be afraid to discuss God and Christianity. 

When you bring the topic up or fit it into the conversation, many seem to withdraw from you.


I have found that they are not necessarily afraid to discuss God and Christianity...but rather they have an intense dislike...even a hatred or intolerance towards it.. Everything that we stand for.  Then they try to pick out the things in scripture that are comfortable to them..for something to talk about.  I think that if we engage in conversations regarding our faith with non-believers they need to not be watered down.  The discussions must point to a Righteousness and Holy God who hates sin.  The Holy Spirit needs to be allowed to convict the person of their sin....and upon the persons repentence and believing, then we can begin to dicuss all the beautiful truths of what it is to be in Christ...Saved and live a life dead to self and alive in Him.

If they do begin to withdraw, it could be that God will use the word you spoke...and will begin a work on conviction in them.  It could also be that God is simply not working there, and it would be beneficial to ask God where He is working to come alongside Him.


Even many people who belong to a church seem to act the same way. 

Why do they act that way?

I'm reaading a really good book right now.. The way of the Master by Ray Comfort.  He talks about people in the church who have been converted by the prosperity gospel.  They are not truly born again because they lack repentence of sin.  They have come to Christ because they have been promised a 'better life'..  so when things start to fall apart around them they are understandably discouraged and frustrated..  they ask 'Where is this better life i was promised'.. the truth is God promises no such thing like a prosperous life when we come to Him..  However, when a person truly sees Jesus for who He is...that is really all that is needed.  He is God, He is Saviour, He is Lord. He is Redeemer, He is our Deliverer...  We end up having the Joy and peace...but not for the same reasons or by the same means as the false prosperity gospel promises. 


This is a thought provoking discussion brother..  Thanks for posting it.


Blessings, Carla

(ps--my 's' key is misbehaving on my keyboard.  if any strange s's appear where they shouldn't -- or are mysteriously missing...that's why)  ;-)

Amen Carla,

I have thought the same as far as a better life. I know many who have been blessed with prosperity and many who have not. I find some who seem to hold God responsible for both and their faith based on what can God can do, or refuses to do, for them.

I think all we can do is remind people, there is so much more than what this world has to offer or has given.

I don't know who said it, but this is a great quote.

Nothing touches me that has not passed through the hands of my heavenly Father. Whatever occurs, God has sovereignly surveyed and approved. We may not know why, but we do know our pain is no accident to Him who guides our lives.


I would add, we know our prosperity is no accident to Him who guides our lives.


I will forgive your s key if you will fogive my spelling. LOL


Your Brother in Christ



Fruits of the vine? well said.

You are much stronger than you think.

Your friend in Christ,


Proof of Gods artwork and beauty. When I see this kind of wonder how can I not believe in Him who creatd the world.


I consider myself a blue collar Christian.

What I mean by that is, I try to lead by example.

Showing others how wonderful God is by letting the Holy Spirit work through me without worring about personal gain. I'm not one to have verse's memorised, but I try to share with others the good word in every day examples. Just the other day someone, kidding around, denied knowing me. I replied,"Now i know how Jesus felt". They smiled and we chuckeled a bit, But that was my way of bringing God into a conversation.

I sometimes fall short, but I try to let others know I am not perfect and do not expect the others to be perfect either. I try to let others know that I do care and love them as a brother and sister.

I agree with everything you said. It still is hard. I feel bad when others pull away whan I try to share my faith with them.

I guess what is important is to share our faith with others in a non-judgemental way. To be the example of our faith in a Christ like manner. If we love others as Christ loves us, others will see the wonders of our faith. Planting that seed, we can only hope falls on furtile soil.

God Bless



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