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I go tthrough very short spells of sadness and wonder why I feel so, I know Jesus is in control over every situation in my life, but I just slide down and think of the sad things in my life.  One minute I am sad and the next minute I kind of awaken from the situation.  Why is that so?

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Shanthi, I've gone through what I call pits.  I would drop into severe sadness and depression and be thinking of all the sad things.  I would try to consciously pull my mind to the good things, but I couldn't seem to keep it there.  I began to monitor it and discovered it was coinciding, the worst points, with my monthly cycle.  The GYN has placed me on hormone pills and I have not had a drop like that now in nearly 2 months.  I also take an anti-depressant (it took several before finding one that worked for me without making me tired all the time).  I also had issues with my sleep and have been working on that.  Lack of sleep, circumstances, medical issues, hormones, many things play a part.  But our feelings are fickle.  We can wake up in the morning feeling glum or wakeup feeling great.  There's no telling what causes it all the time.  That's why we're not supposed to go according to feelings, which isn't always easy for sure. 

Start monitoring when these sad points hit and see if you can pinpoint something that's going on, or a specific time of the month, rainy days, aches, etc.  Try to pinpoint the cause so you can work on it.

John 11 

30 Jesus had stayed outside the village, at the place where Martha met him. 31 When the people who were at the house consoling Mary saw her leave so hastily, they assumed she was going to Lazarus’s grave to weep. So they followed her there. 32 When Mary arrived and saw Jesus, she fell at his feet and said, “Lord, if only you had been here, my brother would not have died.”

33 When Jesus saw her weeping and saw the other people wailing with her, a deep anger welled up within him,[a] and he was deeply troubled. 34 “Where have you put him?” he asked them.

They told him, “Lord, come and see.” 35 Then Jesus wept. 36 The people who were standing nearby said, “See how much he loved him!” 37 But some said, “This man healed a blind man. Couldn’t he have kept Lazarus from dying?”

38 Jesus was still angry as he arrived at the tomb, a cave with a stone rolled across its entrance. 39 “Roll the stone aside,” Jesus told them.

Even Jesus felt anger and sadness.  They are human traits that we can not avoid.  The most important part of your post was "very short spells".  We will have times of sadness and other feelings.  What is important is that we look to God during those times and trust in Him to lead us out. 

One of the most difficult things to attain in our walk is a well balance life style, where the only thing we place no limits on is love, the love we give to others. Consistency is difficult to attain when we are bombarded from every side with the system of this world, our flesh and the attacks of fallen angels. 


What has helped my feelings remain consistant has been God's eternal principals. Once I store them in my heart in a way that I am fully conviced of them, I can draw upon that eternal truth to remain joyful through life's challenges.

I realise it lately, feeling off being attacked by everyone or attacked in someway or other... I have always been a timid sort of person, and people know me for a person who likes to help, care and show love.  I love hugging and showing affection to everyone.  I call my friends and tell them, I miss them when I don't hear them for a while.  I even do the calling with my own family.  But than there are days, I feel...why am I the one calling and asking them how they are...don't they think of me...



I can relate to what you wrote, those times remember not to grow/get weary of doing the right thing, regardless of what others do. What matters most is our response not theirs. God has blessed you with a loving heart and that is a beautiful thing. Enjoy it and do not allow the enemy to change the blessing into a burden.


Love and blessings to you beloved.


Rebuke the feelings of loneliness by confessing an eternal truth- -

Hebrews 13:5

New International Version (NIV)

Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said,

“Never will I leave you;
    never will I forsake you.”


Ashanthi - keep loving sis. Keep loving - love NEVER FAILS. Rejoice in who God has made you to be. You care and that is beautiful, so many do not care, but God has blessed you with care. REjoice!

So touched by your words. tq. 

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said, “Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.” There are some days that I spend in a fetal position and do almost nothing except feel numb and occasionally allow myself to feel enough pain to be able to cry. Many in the Scriptures expressed their pain and sorrow and confusion. Sometimes we feel sad. It doesn't mean we need to start looking for what's wrong with us. We can instead look to the Lord who will remind us of what's right with us. May the Spirit comfort you. What you feel is normal. Take heart.

Thanks all for your kind words and advice.  I agree with all your words.

Yesterday, I felt that feeling again because, I felt hurt with the way some family members treat me, wonder whether they do it knowingly.  I felt I could not talk to anyone, cos even my hubby feels I am making a big deal and told me to ignore them.  What made me more upset is..when he said..."maybe they don't like leave them alone"  why not like me...i did not do anything wrong... at that precise moment I just was wondering, who can I talk to and realised there was no one accept God.

I spoke to he was facing me and told him to remove this feeling of not being wanted cos it should not matter to me, if people like me or not cos in the end God loves me no matter what.

I do adore everyone of you for writing to me..

Thank you.

I'm learning that if people don't like you that is their hangup and not yours.  God loves you and what people think is really not important.  People think a lot of things that don't make sense.  People who don't seem to like others don't really like themselves all that much.  I spent most of my life like that. 

thank you sis...I will keep praying for the love and joy to overflow in me no matter what others feel... It's God love that I am showing to them  and truly as you said it is their hangups for not accepting it.

God Bless sis.


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