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To you what is the most beautiful thing about being in Christ?

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TO BE LOVED BY GOD no matter how dirty we are!

who said you cant change over nite :) when GODS love touches you .anything.can happen

i read a book on GOD'S LOVE, FELT IT run tru my bones, ever since i decided to live for him .

my rap song for JESUS ..which i wrote wen i was 15-16 (HIS LOVE SAVED ME! )

I LIVED MY LIFE IN A DIFFERENT WAY, it was so bad, was scary, that much i can say !
But untill you stepped in and made the living fine; and i know YEAH ooooo YEAH
You will be mine! cause when am down, i feel am happy suddenly
I wept all my happy days away silly me.

Oh what LOVE can be without any pain.
I never knew untill I SAW YOU
Walk into my heart, turn my world around
OH MY GOD i had a whimp ( a thought or desire )
I thought i must have been in a wonderland
so much; i felt so glad

And this much i know it is true!
cause im never sad,
because i know you!

GOD'Z LOVE IS THE most beautiful thing to me :) .
Love it

You are too cool yongster!

Blessings :)
What is the most beautiful thing about being a Christian? you .. brother D :)
haha put me on the spot huh brat.... :)

Well, lots of awesome things have been said already, but I love the ability and empowerment God gives us through the working of the Holy Spirit to REJOICE THROUGH IT ALL.

The beauty of Christianity to me is how we can have peace while things are falling apart, Joy thru it all and no fear even through the valley of death.

That to me makes us Super-humans. His divine nature is in us.

Extra stuff:

I remember long, long, long time ago, when you were just 2 years old hahaha looking around and seeing that no one was well balanced. All humans have issues. Some are arrogant, prideful, selfish, drug users, womanizer, addicted to numerous things etc... And those that left a vice would most of the time pick up another one. For instance folks who have left drugs by their will power and the love they have for their family usually turn prideful or leave drugs and pick up another bad habit.

As I looked around I saw that only Christians have the God given capacity and enablement to overcome sin and not pick up another harmful practice (though Christians can fall into Spiritual pride etc). Christians are the only ones in the world that can truly live a balance life, by the grace of God.

Blessings yonster
your right ...there are tooo many good things amen! :) he he ...
i love it ." SUPER-HUMANS !. :)
super cool reply brother D.
Very beautiful Vero. You have blessed me. :) Love you.
Amen and Amen beloved.
Amen - remember in your prayers beloved. :)
Hi David,

The most beautiful thing about being a Christian...
Jesus loves me. I now have purpose, before I knew Him I did not.
I have a whole new family all over the world made up God's children, it is continually a blessing to meet new brothers and sisters all the time. Everywhere I go it seems I meet new brothers and sisters in Christ.

My Lord blesses me and comforts me when I hear His voice. He continually reminds me that He is the One who is holding me, because He is faithful, and He will never leave me nor forsake me.

I am alive now...

Because I am a Christian, my heart gets broken much more easily...but then that burden is lifted because I know My God is in control, and He is sovereign and over all things. I am moved to get involved in other people's lives because I now know the worth of human life....before I didn't understand...but now I do. I am just moved to Love them.

The most beautiful thing... is there just One most beautiful thing?

The continual transformation of my own heart is a beautiful thing. And also the assurance that I belong to God.

The most beautiful thing about being a Christian:
Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me, I once was lost, but now I'm found, was blind but now I see.

All Glory to God...

The continual transformation of my own heart is a beautiful thing. Super cool -
Amen Linda.. so beautifully put. :)
knowing that you have loved ones across the world or just down cali like you Brother D yee I love you lots brother in Christ

Thanks be to God for having such beautiful family members all around the world for encouragement support and just straight up Godly love :) <3

Praise the Lord

Lord God I love you for all of my family members in Christ thank you for everything :) <3

your sister and friend in Christ
God bless aag
-Stacey A.


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