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What exactly is the spirit of destruction?

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I dont have a specific answer to your question Brooke, but I think a destructive spirit is one that brings about destruction in a persons life in many areas. Many areas including marriage, family, and ones own self-esteem through harmful acts such as physical, mental, verbal and even sexual abuse, infidelity, addictions, or even death. A destructive spirit is one that ultimately wants to destroy a person to the core and kill them. The meaning of the word destroy is 'to reduce something to useless fragments or a useless form or to injure beyond repair' according to Webster's college dictionary. It also means to put an end to or demolish. In essesnce, its a spirit that has come to reduce a persons livelihood into a uselessness and then put an end to them. Hope I answered your question. God Bless!
I just read your letter regarding destructive spirits and after reading your reply I believe that this is what is destroying my family. It began about 4 yrs ago, straight after my ex husband suicided over a woman he lived with for 15 yrs. You see we both gave our lives to Jesus in 1982. We had 4 young children but for the next 8 yrs he continued abusing me so I had no choice but to leave. but weeks before I left he came home drunk one night and spoke out loud for satan and renounced the holy spirit. I thought it was because he was drunk and I prayed God forgive him, long story short, when he died in Nov 2004, My 4 children, one by one turned on me, Tyson 25 started talking to his dead father, and tried to kill himself and now suffers severe depression. yells and swears at me like his father did and one day 4 yrs ago I was just walking past him and he looked me in the eyes and told me I don't exist. This hurt me so much but I was more concerned for him and why he would say that to me. My youngest Tim met a girl on the net, took off to live with her 2 weeks after contact on net, they married 6 mths ago, he carries her name and not his fathers now, but he still calls me, he has moved thousands of miles away to Darwin, top of Australia, I live in Newcastle, east side of N.S.W. I miss him so much., Kirsty,27 met man 4 yrs ago who physically abuses my grandson Jacob since 2 yrs old and lived together 4 yrs now. I have done all I can to keep Jacob safe, calling authourities, pray etc. Kirsty also now treats me like dirt, swears and yells at me, yet I try to stay calm and pray, now this man Gary is looking for a house in Western Australia ANOTHER state thousand of miles away and they are in middle of packing and selling everything up and will be gone in no more than 3 weeks and this man can then do as he pleases and I will never see them again. Kirsty met Gary around same time My ex died and I worked so hard at keeping my family a loving caring family with God. I'm not a perfect person or mother, but surely God knows I am very ill and a neglegent doctor caused me a staph infection in my spine, now I suffer severe chronic pain all through my body, had heart attack last year and have other illnesses. I try not to dwell on, but it's hard and I never dreamed my children would turn on me, as we were very close, I'm told that all this going on is not doing my health any good, in fact makes it worse. I have prayed about all that has been happening and I try to give it all to God as he knows best. But it's so hard and I always take it back and worry more. I think it's more the fact that I don't know where it's all come from. Yet the words 'spiritual attacks' keep coming up in my mindI cover all my children, grandchildren, myself with blood of Jesus morning and night I always have. I need prayer, my children need prayer, we need prayer warriors. I feel i am in a black hole I can't climb out of. I don't want Kirsty to leave, if she does I know Jacob will be abused and this is so out of character for Kirsty. She has done so many cruel things to me and I forgive her as I feel it's this mans influence. Could your please pray and bless you .Annie
Hi, I'm sorry, I left out the most important queation I had. I just wrote you a reply about destructive spirits and how I feel this is what is happening in my life and life of my children, I meant to ask you is it possible that when my ex husband died, would those spirits he invited into his life, leave him and start attacking my children and myself. The children didn't like being near their father when he was alive, in fact Tyson said he scared him and didn't wanto go see him anymore, but as soon as he died, Tyson began to blame me and then the other 2 kids began persecuting me and mentally torturing me, over their father's suicide, yet he didn't want anything to do with them growing up, he never once even sent them a birthday card. I don't know what to do anymore, I am very ill and I pray God will deliver us all from this oppression. But maybe God is punishing me for something. I need God to show me what has happened, I have an unsaved friend who sees a clairvoint and this concerns me. I feel in my spirit though that she is not really my friend and that either she or someone else is cursing or has cursed me. I can't take this to my minister. he is young and I don't think he is ready to understand things like this. Oh lord Jesus please help us. And I don't wanto be left all alone either. Could you please pray Kirsty doesn't leave and decides to stay here with me and her children. The man she is with has caused alot of trouble in my family as well and is very controlling. Kirsty looks at him 'Gary' as her saviour. She told me this herself. And I know it's only because he earns alot of money and gives her a great deal. Is there prayer warriors on this site. God bless you and your family in 2009. Thankyou for reading my letter. Annie
Hi Ms.Annie. How are you? It sounds like someone cursed you. Ask God to reveal to you the hidden and secret things.(Jeremiah 33:3) The overseer at my church is a Prophet. If you would like to know more about my church, youtube search "Restoration Chapel International". The church is located in Maryland and I know that God can speak to you through him.
Maybe this is an ongoing forum. If it is, I have a few words on the spirit of destruction. It is real and one needs to draw super close to God if this is around.

If one is born again, how can you draw any closer to God? You are the temple of God, He lives in you, and if you have made God your refuge, even the most high your habitation, no evil shall befall you, neither shall any plague come nigh thee. (thy dwelling) Ps. 91. You are a new creation, created in Christ Jesus unto good works. God has given to you all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who has called you unto glory and virtue, whereby are given to you exceeding great and precious promises, that by these you may be partakers of His Divine Nature, having escaped the corruption of this world, that was through lust. 2Peter 1:2-3.

Lord Bless, JB

Satan, nor evil spirits, or demons, has any power, or authority over you, except that which you allow him (them)

Know who you are in Christ, " submit your selves therefore to God, resist the devil, and he will flee from thee. James 4:7;  It is as simple as that!!

Simply put I believe the Spirit of destruction is sin. We are sinful in nature because of the fall from grace of Adam and Eve. Even though those who are born again in Christ are assured of their salvation, sin is still a struggle for all of us. Sin occurs in our lives and we must turn from it continually. We need to see sin as God sees it and repent or turn from it and embrace the love of our Father.  Sin is destructive. Jesus defeated death which is the consequence of sin. Believe in Jesus the one whom God sent for us his children.

your Brother in Christ,



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