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Welcome to AAG TheNET: If you are new here, please take time to read as we encourage you to get involved.

Greetings to all of our recently joined members,


It is the desire of our AAG TheNET team for you to feel at home here on this site. It has been set up and exists to glorify Jesus and to give people a safe place to explore their faith by engaging in the forums, posting blogs or starting a group to name a few of our sections here on TheNET.


The forums are an excellent place to ask questions about the Bible, faith and our walk with Jesus. It is our responsibility as the leadership team to make sure that others respond to your questions seeking to give good sound biblical input as well as ensure that no one is bullied in any way. We will not always agree on every point, but we must learn to disagree in a manner that is respectful and honoring to Christ.


Blogs are designed to give our members the opportunity to express themselves on a wide range of subjects. Members post everything from Biblical perspective to daily struggles, from humor to current events, from poetry to personal journaling, to name a few subjects.


Groups are designed to bring members together around a specific theme. You can start a group or seek one out based on you personal interest.


I would also point you to our Prayer Room. This room is a place for prayer and is monitored regularly by one of our moderators, again to ensure that our membership is cared for and protected as best as possible.


We also have on the homepage Miracle Grow and Begin Your Walk. Both are designed to help the seeker and new believer to examine and understand the fundamentals of Christianity.


Again we are glad you are here. I am “LT” TheNET coordinator. If you should have any questions or problems feel free to contact me and I will respond ASAP.


Lord Bless,

TheNET Coordinator

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