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Holiday time sure,but in my case it's both holiday and birthday time. Thanksgiving passed went to Salvation Army to dinner after work.Sunday I will turn 44,Christmas coming up more importantly about Jesus Christ rightfully so world's saviour,New Years around the corner and my late mom who passed away 2 yrs ago,birthday was January 11th all obviously around the corner. I recently returned to church joined a new one after 3 month absence,but I kept faith. Trying to stay strong praying more,read bible daily,daily verses online,still overwhelmed and stressed yet keep going. Looking forward 2019 things I hope to get accomplished and just surviving 365 days year in and out until death or Christ returns. Relieving knowing trials and tribulations won't last forever.Heaven will be so much better look forward to meeting Jesus and God reunite with mom,grandmom and those who passed before me.

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Praying that the strength of the Lord will sustain you & bless you.

Thanks appreciated


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