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One of the most dangerous signs of the times is the departure of the fear of God......the reverential fear, the knowing he watches and while he watches we do as we will. Without concern he is Love, we have got this touchy feely idea of who God is and that he stands off and looks away when we decide to do wrong...instead of be concious of His presence and that everything is written down for review later, and motives are wieghed....The bible is clear that a christian eventhough  forgiven has to work out his or her salvation with fear and ....we dont get high minded, so we dont get that I dont need to ask for forgiveness....there is not a soul that lives on the earth and sins not...its in our flesh till we are changed. and this sanctification process can take a lifetime....we were born in sin and in iniquity concieved....We await our change at the end of this age....when Jesus comes the word says some will arise to everlasting life and some to everlasting comtempt.....the Godly fear will bring fourth the everlasting will keep us on the path of life that God has for us....He that has begun this work in you is faithful to complete it.....but as I said...and it says in the scriptures...let everyone workout thier own salvation with fear and trembling....the hard part has already been done....the price has been we must walk in it.....with fear and trembling in newness of a new born babe.....God bless you.

Never loose sight of where he brought you from.....and never forget who you are in Christ...we were bought with a price...a great price...the word thank you is always on my mind....warn others pride in any form is dangerous....its not a healthy always precludes a the word says we shouldnt think any higher of our selves than we ought to...or simpler yet...our answers should be yes or no....anything else comes from the evil one.....just as Paul put it.

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You're welcome Mysty. I just think there are two types of Christians. One comes to Jesus because they fear God's wrath. The other because they're really repentant about their sins. Being in fear will lead to failure. Being in love with the character of Christ will lead to change. People who tend to live in the OT are going to have difficulty falling in love with Christ. It's the other side of God you don't see in the OT. And in a sense the OT has become obsolete as it was to show us our sin. God writes His laws on our hearts because He knew we couldn't follow them. Scripture even talks about those Pharisees who laid heavy burdens on others that even they cannot bear.
Found this so appropriate that I've been studying Hebrews a couple of days and I love to check out John Gill's commentaries. Hebrews 9:14 in part says:

to purge your conscience from dead works;
that is, "from the works of sin", as the Ethiopic version renders it; which are performed by dead men, separate and alienated from the life of God, are the cause of the death of the soul, and expose to eternal death, and are like dead carcasses, nauseous and infectious; and even duties themselves, performed without faith and love, are dead works; nor can they procure life, and being depended on, issue in death; and even the works of believers themselves are sometimes performed in a very lifeless manner, and are attended with sin and pollution, and need purging: the allusion is to the pollution by the touch of dead bodies; and there may be some respect to the sacrifices of slain beasts, after the sacrifice and death of Christ, by believing Jews, who were sticklers for the ceremonies of the law, and thereby contracted guilt; but immoralities are chiefly designed, and with these the conscience of man is defiled; and nothing short of the blood of Christ can remove the pollution of sin; as that being shed procures atonement, and so purges away the guilt of sin, or makes reconciliation for it, so being sprinkled on the conscience by the Spirit of God, it speaks peace and pardon, and pacifies and purges it, and removes every incumbrance from it: the Alexandrian copy, the Vulgate Latin, and Syriac versions, read, "our conscience". The end and use of such purgation is, "to serve the living God"; so called to distinguish him from the idols of the Gentiles, and in opposition to dead works; and because he has life in himself, essentially and independently, and is the author and giver of life to others; and it is but the reasonable service of his people, to present their souls and bodies as a living sacrifice to him; and who ought to serve him in a lively manner, in faith, and with fervency, and not with a slavish, but a godly filial fear; and one that has his conscience purged by the blood of Christ, and is sensibly impressed with a discovery of pardoning grace, is in the best capacity for such service. The Alexandrian copy reads, "the living and true God".

Seek Ye First, Your comments here about the OT clarify a lot for me.

Watchman, I was wrong to say the OT is obsolete. The following day I realized it was not the best choice of words, and your questions had helped me come to this conclusion. 

Mysty, I appreciate your testimony & am thankful that the Lord allowed you to escape this religious painful abuse. Many use the name of religion & Christ to have that control & that is what happened to you. I'm sorry for all they did to you & the scars it gave you in the Name of the Savior. However, the Old Testament is far from obsolete. Jesus came to fulfill the Old Testament, not to delete it. Matthew 5:17 says "Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them." (Bold print is mine). Christ is the very fulfillment of the Old Testament. Christ IS  the Old Testament. John 1:1 says that He is the Word & was from the beginning. Also, the word tells us that God never changes so from the beginning until now, He is still God. 

Through the sacrifice of the Son, Christ, we do come to the Father in a different manner now then before the cross & resurrection. We are allowed to go to the Father's throne room without others going for us - priests for instance. It is our responsibility to seek out the word for ourselves to make sure man isn't overstepping his bounds so to speak. I'm not sure of your family dynamics but I just wanted to express that the Old Testament is as important as the New.

Tammy, First off , your understanding and heart felt apology means more to me than I have the words to express. You are spot on with what you have to say.  I was wrong with my thoughts on the OT. I have longed to free myself and had been stuck with the OT and had no words to express myself. As I have been searching for the truth, I once heard that the OT was obsolete. unable to express my thoughts and feelings any other way.  I chose to take this as face value which goes against all my beliefs . To err is human but never again shame on me. . As far as my family dynamics, I would love to share this story in the future  when I am stronger.

I would love to hear about when you have the opportunity. May the Lord bring His total divine healing where the scars are for Him as they bring others out of the same abuse. Be blessed sister

The caring and understanding from you and everyone means so much to me, and strengthens my heart, mind and soul. I will share the details at a later time, I need to rest from this and keep walking in the light.

I would like to clarify my statement regarding the OT. I was wrong the OT is not obsolete, I went too far on that statement.

I forget I was brought with a price and I forget at times what I was saved from, its only when I see another worse that I remind myself I am blessed and that I am not my own.

Christine , your word reinforce my strong beliefs of who I am.


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