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One of the most dangerous signs of the times is the departure of the fear of God......the reverential fear, the knowing he watches and while he watches we do as we will. Without concern he is Love, we have got this touchy feely idea of who God is and that he stands off and looks away when we decide to do wrong...instead of be concious of His presence and that everything is written down for review later, and motives are wieghed....The bible is clear that a christian eventhough  forgiven has to work out his or her salvation with fear and ....we dont get high minded, so we dont get that I dont need to ask for forgiveness....there is not a soul that lives on the earth and sins not...its in our flesh till we are changed. and this sanctification process can take a lifetime....we were born in sin and in iniquity concieved....We await our change at the end of this age....when Jesus comes the word says some will arise to everlasting life and some to everlasting comtempt.....the Godly fear will bring fourth the everlasting will keep us on the path of life that God has for us....He that has begun this work in you is faithful to complete it.....but as I said...and it says in the scriptures...let everyone workout thier own salvation with fear and trembling....the hard part has already been done....the price has been we must walk in it.....with fear and trembling in newness of a new born babe.....God bless you.

Never loose sight of where he brought you from.....and never forget who you are in Christ...we were bought with a price...a great price...the word thank you is always on my mind....warn others pride in any form is dangerous....its not a healthy always precludes a the word says we shouldnt think any higher of our selves than we ought to...or simpler yet...our answers should be yes or no....anything else comes from the evil one.....just as Paul put it.

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Chip I like your out look. I interpret my world as a choice between good and evil. I was born with a gift of great insight and foresight. At a very young age I knew right from wrong. I am a very gentle soul.  I was born to a manipulative, maladaptive mother and a Father with good strong family morals.  I am the third of six children.  At a very young age I resisted my mothers attempts to make me believe or think in a way I could not accept. If I did I felt this would be selling my soul to the devil. I was sent to a catholic school and spent my time faking my way out, I never told the nuns my thoughts, I had no language, I was a beaten down terrified child. I lied to the priest in the confession booth. My life became a nightmare and I paid a big price for not giving in. This had followed me into adulthood and I became a person who was opposite of the person I started out to be. I became a heavy drug user and alcoholic. I did bad things and hurt others,  I lied but I am not a liar , I stole but I am not a thief, I was full of hate. So, this is what happens when society tries to force false beliefs on a beautiful soul. My birthright was stolen from me. I suffered greatly and now my children suffer. This does not create a humane world. After finding a way to release the hold Satan had on me. I have cleared all that negative behind me and I live my life modestly,  my children are healing, and this is all a natural process, with no forced false effort.I was never driven by money. I live my life with peace and I happily help others. I can hear them since I no longer carry a box of injustice chips in my heart.  I have no worries for my needs to be met all just falls into place. My connection to God is so beautiful. I understand Jesus. I believe the old testament has no meaning. When Jesus was crucified the old testament became obsolete. I use the Bible as I wish. Now, how can anyone tell me, no, no , no, scripture says..... No I am good with God and my world and yes I need people with like minded thinking to learn from. Thank you

"I believe the old testament has no meaning. When Jesus was crucified the old testament became obsolete. I use the Bible as I wish. Now, how can anyone tell me, no, no , no, scripture says..... No I am good with God and my world and yes I need people with like minded thinking to learn from. Thank you"

I am wondering why you believe the Old Testament has no meaning? When Jesus was crucified the Old Testament did not become obsolete.  

When and why did you arrive at these beliefs Mysty, if I may ask kindly?  Should we use the Bible as we wish?  

I don't understand, for sure, what it is you are expressing.  Can you please help me understand?

Watchman thanks for taking your time to read my post.

Please give me a chance to express myself and share my beautiful, personal connection  to God. I am not trying to change your beliefs please respect mine. I struggled with the Old Testament and I found it to be dark, and represents a frightening mean God, God is warm and loving.  I was subject to a school with this belief and look what happened to me, I was forced to fake my way out, I was in fear and unable to learn and the Nuns were beating the kids and didn't see me an innocent , introverted abused little girl. I learned to lie at this school and lied to the priests in the confession booth (was any of these, the Holy good Priest who molested my cousin?). This does not help build up others. I use the Bible to answer questions that I have in my life to learn and help others,  not to rationalize my sins as I believe was your point with that question.. Now on to Jesus. God sent him here to save us. God did not like all the sin and destruction we created, so Jesus is here to show us how to live. Jesus never swayed from this. He was good and never sold his soul to the devil. But did this work? NO this world is worse than ever. Why? because we are still arguing about the Old Testament and not living as Jesus did. Well I am tired of waiting and will did my part to do God's work. I have chosen God not Satan. I have paid the price it was my fate. I believe there are many more who want to be freed but cannot find a way out. I believe this might give them some help. We cannot make changes with the same mindset we had used to create a mess. We need to change our thinking. It is inhumane and not  right. All men were created equal. We all are the same and this is not right, we are accepting this and all need to change our ways. I did not mean to come across with any disrespect. Family is gone and humanity, together we can all work together to bring this back. The majority have forgotten what this feels like and have become angry people hurting one another, but have good hearts.

I guess I just was a little confused in believing that the God of the Old Testament is not the same God of the New Testament.  He is the same, always and forever.  The same Grace that saves you and me is the same Grace that saved those of the Old Testament.  There will be no one living in Heaven that wasn't saved under His Grace.  

It to me almost seems like you believe in two God's of the Bible....a dark frightening mean God and then in the New Testament a God that is warm and loving?  

If I'm understanding Mysty correctly, the O.T. laws were not meant to make us perfect or enable us to keep them. They were to show us our sin and learn how much God hates evil. But He'd already had in mind a better plan for us. If we live in fear of God's wrath for not being being able to follow every OT Law (and which ones as sacrifices were paid once for ever) only hurts us. Perfect love casts out fear. The one who fears has not been made perfect in love. Jesus came to show how much God loves us. If we live in fear of God then Christ died for nothing since His death did not set us free.
God has changed the way God deals with people.

Hebrews 8:13 says, "In speaking of a new covenant, he makes the first one obsolete. And what is becoming obsolete and growing old is ready to vanish away" (ESV).

To come under the New Covenant, one must be born again. Others remain under the penalty of the law that was given in the Old Covenant. Jesus paid the penalty and all who believe in Him and receive Him as Savior and Lord, His righteousness is imputed to them. We are called to walk in His righteousness and to aim for perfection -- to be holy for God is holy.

Here is an article that helps explain why we must receive His righteousness.

Amanda, I read the article and as I was reading it,  I was receiving great clarity on the destruction I was causing with all the hate, anger and unjust chips that filled my heart and darkened my vision, preventing me from hearing and doing the work  God had planned for me. I cannot deny God's presence in my life. I  now  have the freedom to use my amazing gifts of  insight and foresight that God gave me to help others who are suffering just as I was. I am a person who only required a tiny bit of my uttermost basic needs to be met, and yet I was living my life as a needy person. The support I am starting to receive from you and others is giving me the nurture I so longed for.

PTL! A teachable spirit is a beautiful thing. I'm still learning, too :)

Amanda you have posted some really good questions, that make me think  and challenge me to look at things differently. I got here with God's guidance  and help from so many people. I would like to give the same back . Ask, Seek, Knock.

Seek Ye First,  I have been so misunderstood in this world, yet my heart is so pure and I have only meant to bring good to all, my anger took hold and I struggle with it showing its ugly face ever again. You worded this so nicely, I  greatly appreciate your kindness and understanding.  


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